English windmills volumes 1 and 2

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    Batten, Marjorie I [Author]
    Smith, Donald [Author]

    Publisher Architectural Press

    English (main text)

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    Scope & contentBoth volumes of English Windmills donated by Ruth Holmstock, but once owned by a windmill enthusiast who visited many of the sites included in the books in around 1965. Has the name and address of K.D. Fawcett, owner of Wray Common Windmill in Surrey, in the back of the first volume, suggesting him as the original owner of the books. Both volumes include pencil annotations detailing the state of the buildings as he found them. The first volume contains a loose sheet for the sale of the converted Rock Mill in Sussex, describing its position and layout to potential buyers.

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    • Shelf location: Special Collections
    • Donor: Donated by Ruth Holmstock.
    • Notes: Both volumes are kept together in a box, the second has a paper cover for protection.