Dukinfield cotton mills

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    Haynes, Ian [Author]

    Publisher Neil Richardson
    Year of publication 1993

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    Scope & contentDukinfield is historically in Cheshire on the River Tame opposite Ashton-under-Lyne. The woollen industry had been established in Dukinfield in the 1780's with Thomas Mellor, John Wrigley, William Kirk,, woollen manufacturers, and William Boyer clothiers mentioned in records. By the end of the 18th century the woollen industry was giving way to the cotton industry. It was a largely domestic industry with many people in the employ of Ashton and Manchester based manufacturers although Thomas Cheetham and James Sandiford mentioned as cotton manufacturers in Dukinfield in 1788. The transition to the factory based cotton industry after the invention of the Hargreaves spinning jenny, Arkright's carding machine and the Cromford spinning mule meant that cotton mills were firmly established in Dukinfield from 1792. This is a well researched book is in three parts. Part 1 describes in detail the rise and fall of the cotton industry from 1792 to 1962 when the last mill closed. Part 2 discusses the labour disputes, factory reform and the cotton famine that had a great effect on the socioeconomic conditions of the workers. Part 3 describes in detail the history of each of the 24 cotton mills at Dunkinfield. The book is amply illustrated with photographs, drawings, maps, plans and tables of statistics. A list of sources is given and more general sources material is described. An alphabetical list of firms is also provided.

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