Driving directions

Directions to the Mills Archive via the M4 / A329M / A4

Satnav: 44 Watlington Street, Reading, RG1 4RS

  1. From J10 M4 take the A329M to Reading. Drive to the end, coming off left down the slip road onto the A4 following signs for the Hospital (a red H).
  2. Keep in the right-hand lane passing the park and a church (on your left). After going through several sets of pedestrian lights you will come up to Cemetery Junction with the high wall of the cemetery on your left and in the middle of the junction (a St Andrew’s crossroads) is a pub, the Abbot Cook.
  3. You are heading for London Road to the left of the Abbot Cook pub.
  4. Once you are on London Road move into the far right lane of the three and carry straight on. Go through the pedestrian lights by the Abbot Cook, then another set of traffic lights to the third set with park railings on your right and A.B. Walker’s funeral directors just beyond.
  5. Go through the lights keeping in the right hand lane and slowly as you are nearly there.
  6. The imposing portico of the Royal Berkshire Hospital is on your left, Princes Street on your right, a set of pedestrian lights in front of you and just beyond is the BP Garage on your right.
  7. Turn right into Watlington Street just in front of the BP Garage – the street sign is missing. Watch out for cyclists on the raised traffic table at the junction. (See below for directions to drive around the block if you overshoot Watlington Street.)
  8. Halfway down Watlington Street on your right is the Polish Catholic Church (newly restored with a spire).
  9. Watlington House is set back from the road on the left opposite the Polish Catholic Church.
  10. Drive in through the first entrance and park in any of the three Mills Archive spaces to the left of the house. Parking is free and access to the house is on the level.
  11. The front door should be open but if not give the right hand door a good shove.
  12. Press our buzzer to the left of the inner door and a member of the team shall come to let you in. If we are down in the Refectory having a break, we will leave a note on the door.

If you overshoot the BP Garage and Watlington Street, you will have to drive round the block which may take some time, depending on the traffic:

  • Continue on London Road to the next traffic lights and turn right (Sidmouth Street).
  • At the traffic lights at the bottom of Sidmouth Street, turn right and keep in the right-hand lane to the next set of lights.
  • Keep in the far right lane as you go over Watlington Street bridge and bear right at the lights at the end of the bridge.
  • Keep in the right-hand lane and aim for the right hand lane at the next set of lights (filter lane).
  • Turn right into Eldon Road.
  • At the end of Eldon Road turn right onto London Road.
  • Turn right just before the BP garage into Watlington Street.

Alternative parking in Queens Road Car Park (payment necessary)

  • Pass the end of Watlington Street by the BP garage.
  • Turn right at the next set of traffic lights (Sidmouth Street)
  • At the bottom of Sidmouth Street turn left but immediately cross into the right-hand filter lane to enter the car park.
  • Here are the current charges for this car park. It is quite expensive for a whole day but spaces can be reserved.