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From armchair researcher to architect, we help an extraordinary range of people. We are so looking forward to developing our information service and to providing the wider public with answers to queries about mills and milling. It has been a difficult year, but with your help, we can get back up to speed and extend our essential service.

We respond to queries from the millwright needing technical information on how to restore an eighteenth-century mill, to the genealogist trying to trace her milling ancestors; from the teacher looking for resources explaining how flour is made, to the curious member of the public wanting to know more about their local mill. The Mills Archive handles several hundred such enquiries every year, devoting time and professional expertise to each one.

Sarah, who runs a mill in Lincolnshire, said of our service, “the support and co-operation received from the Mills Archive team has proved invaluable; you offer a marvellous resource”. We were able to help Janet locate the Lancashire mill where her great-great grandfather worked in the mid-nineteenth century. She was delighted to find out about his daily life and to see photographs of where he worked. Peter, who knew very little about mills, was keen to learn more when he moved to Norfolk and found he was surrounded by them! Our plentiful resources on mills in his area have made him something of an expert.

A heritage consultancy who sought our advice regards our service to inform, educate and involve the public to be of  “fundamental importance to the survival of wind- and watermills.” We take the time and trouble to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with all who contact us.

Our information-rich and entertaining articles attract an appreciative weekly audience of several thousand  subscribers : “an interesting issue, but they all are!” If you share our commitment to promoting a wider understanding of mills and milling, please help us maintain this vital service, in which we invest £9,000 each year.

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