Research and education

You can help us as we back young and more experienced researchers to discover and share new aspects of our milling heritage by…

  • Funding scholarships and internships for young researchers
  • Encouraging and publishing high quality research work
  • Providing practical help for new and established researchers 
  • Supporting training workshops and advice for those who wish to care for their collections or record their heritage

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Thank you for considering the Research and Education Fund. We also welcome future funding in the form of legacies and pledges. 


The long-term development of the Mills Archive hinges on the right people being involved in the future.

A Fellowship Legacy would enable us to pay some of the salary of full-time or part-time archivists and researchers to develop and release the information hidden in our three million records.

A Scholarship Legacy would enable short-term support for research projects aimed to raise the profile of mills.

The cost of endowing a Fellowship in perpetuity ranges from £300,000. Scholarships would cost less to fund. A contribution to either scheme would be invaluable. Please contact the chairman or one of our trustees if you would like to discuss these opportunities in confidence.