Research and education

You can help us as we back young and more experienced researchers to discover and share new aspects of our milling heritage by…

  • Funding scholarships and internships for young researchers
  • Encouraging and publishing high quality research work
  • Providing practical help for new and established researchers 
  • Supporting training workshops and advice for those who wish to care for their collections or record their heritage

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Scholarships and interns

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We collaborate with university departments and other research units, offering scholarships on relevant topics to suitable candidates.Your support will help young people gain a foothold on the career ladder and open up more of our collections. Find out more…

Major research projects

Serious research requires a huge investment of time and resources. Specific projects have been supported by major grants from the HLF and from individuals. Find out more..

Practical help and advice

Our expertise and advice benefits new researchers; the more experienced appreciate our efforts to publish papers and ensure they are aware of other work in their field.

Our professional staff and our experienced researchers provide specific help and general advice to the mill research community; we now wish to extend our services by creating a Research Information Gateway free for all to use.

We also publish high quality research in our peer-reviews Mills Archive Research Publications. Find out more…

Training and workshops

We help small heritage centres such as mills to collect and care for archival material frequently donated by the public.

The National Archives has strongly commended our approach in creating Heritage Partnerships, providing tailored professional support in conservation and cataloguing. 

As an accredited archive service, we invest much time and energy in our education role by offering courses on collecting and caring for material.  We also help researchers understand mills and their place in the community and the landscape so that they can collect more meaningful information. Find out more…