Training and workshops

We help small heritage centres such as mills to collect and care for archival material frequently donated by the public.

The National Archives has strongly commended our approach in creating Heritage Partnerships, providing tailored professional support in conservation and cataloguing. 

As an accredited archive service, we invest much time and energy in our education role by offering courses on collecting and caring for material.  We also help researchers understand mills and their place in the community and the landscape so that they can collect more meaningful information. 


We train collectors and researchers in how to build and look after their collections. Some of our early courses were supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. As they are highly regarded (see below) we now fund them ourselves.

Delegates from six mills attended our first “Caring for your Collection” course


Our qualified archivist provides one-to-one training to young graduates and mature students considering post-graduate qualifications as a way to a career in the archives or heritage sector. Work experience at a nationally accredited archive raises the importance of mills and improves the job prospects of the next generation of custodians of our heritage.

Archivist Nathanael discusses the treatment of vulnerable drawings with two volunteers

A donation of £500 would allow us to run an additional workshop or assist a student with travel costs


“Thank you so much for such a stimulating, inspiring and extremely informative workshop… I can’t express how many elements I took for each area of topic… the workshop has really given me the confidence as I felt a little nervous to be taking on such a massive project alone. I now feel focused and confident with how I will set about this project.”

“For those of us getting a mill back to life and then maintaining it, the opportunity to share the experience is vital to speed things up. Being able to exchange ‘tips and traps’ is a prime requirement too.  I am sure that the Mills Archive will be a great ‘hub’ to get us all talking to each other.”