Scholarships and interns

Interns and Researchers work closely together. Your support will help young people gain a foothold on the career ladder and open up more of our collections.

£6,350 would fully fund an internship for a student or fresh graduate.

Interns Michael and Kate have both made important contributions to our work and used their time with us as a first step towards promising careers.  


Michael Greet

We collaborate with university departments and other research units, offering scholarships on relevant topics to suitable candidates. For example, a small grant enabled us to provide a German research establishment with a detailed review on medieval grain and milling.


Kate Doughty

An internship grant, awarded to Kate in 2015, enabled her to research organise and catalogue a collection of more than 1200 photographs of Finnish mills taken in the 1950s by Rex Wailes and his collaborators. These attracted a lot of attention internationally and established links with Finland.

Sarra Sheikh

“My first impression of the Archive offices was that it was a relaxed, comfortable environment in which to work. At my interview, I felt that everyone who worked here had a genuine interest in mills and the preservation of information about them. It was what first attracted me to this position – working with people who were also enthusiastic about keeping a record of the past and tracing out the history behind these mills”

3 months later…

“Although I have only been working at the Archive for three months, I have been able to see how much of an impact this organization is having on preserving milling heritage, and how quickly it is growing to meet the needs of those who use the facilities on offer. I am really eager to see the progress of this expansion, and I will keenly be following the new developments even after I have left.”

“I really appreciate all of you who have been with me on my journey at the Archive. I have had an amazing experience and met some very special people who have made me realise just how passionate I am about the kind of work that is being done here. In my short time at the Archive, I was made to feel so welcome, and I will sorely miss the friendliness and warmth that was part of every working day here. Goodbye everybody, and thanks for all the memories!”

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions by all our interns: 

  • 2011 Christopher Wheeler
  • 2012 Nathanael Hodge (now our Archivist)
  • 2012 Bethany Wood
  • 2012 and 2013 Guy Boocock
  • 2013 Elizabeth Bartram (now our Director)
  • 2014 Sarra Sheikh and Richard Barnes
  • 2015 Kate Doughty
  • 2016 Hannah Pearce
  • 2017 Lydia Smith and Hannah Pomeroy
  • 2018 Christopher Viney
  • 2019 Lewis Murray

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