Adopt a collection

Imagine yourself standing on a hilltop in the countryside. You can feel grass tickling between your toes…
…As you look off into the distance you notice a mill. It watches over the landscape, a connection to our past. 10 years later you return to the same spot but the mill is nowhere to be seen.

Gradually they are all disappearing from our landscape. But the story they tell of our ancestors should not disappear from our memories. Collections about the people, companies and individual mills at the Archive bring history to life.

You have the opportunity to save our shared memories for the future.

Adopt a collection, and you will directly support the care of our images and documents. We hope that many people will adopt the collections on offer; why not be one of the first?

By choosing to associate yourself with a particular collection, you will:


A donation of £250 is the equivalent to the conservation of a vulnerable drawing.
If you adopt for £750, you are donating the amount it costs to repair and preserve a vulnerable ledger.
If you choose to adopt a collection for £2500, your support will start a new programme of cataloguing or conservation.

To find out more about how adopting a collection works, you can read more here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss adopting a collection, please contact Development Manager Liz Bartram at or on +44118 950 2052.