Recognition for adopters

As an adopter, we would like to show you that we are grateful for your support and give you the recognition that you deserve.

If you adopt a collection for £250 you will receive:

  • An adoption certificate illustrated and signed by our Archivist (shown below)
  • Entry in a special leatherbound collections book that will be on display at the Archive and at events
  • Invitations to exclusive adopter events
  • Updates on your collection e.g. if new information is found

The image below shows the certificate you will receive (left), and the certificate found in the Cornwell Collection (right), which inspired the Adoption certificate design:

For £750 you will also receive:

  • A framed high-resolution image of your choice from your adopted collection
  • Recognition on our website if you would like this
  • An invitation to come to a short presentation by our Archivist on your adopted collection

Become a trailblazing adopter for £2500 and in addition to all the above you will receive:

  • Recognition on our online catalogue of images and documents
  • Opportunity to choose your preferred collection from across all of the collections and a discussion about what you would like to achieve with your donation
  • If your collection is new to the Archive or being currently worked on, you will be invited to come and see how we go about conserving, indexing and cataloguing the items

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please could you contact the Development Manager Liz Bartram at or on +44118 950 2052.

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