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Holman Bros., Millwrights of Canterbury: A history

Holman mill profiles

The information included within each mill profile came from Geoff’s notes which he in turn transcribed from estimate and memo books at the Canturbury Cathedral Archives, some of which we have photocopies of. He also referred to Watermills and Windmills by William Coles Finch. Additional information was provided by Vincent Pargeter and Rob Cumming. We are aware that there are substantial gaps between years in the mill profiles. These dates can be filled with information within the two ledgers in our Holman Collection, which are currently being transcribed. This information will be added to the relevant mill profiles when available. We have included only important points and major works for each mill. However, details about minor work undertaken on each mill can be found in the aforementioned photocopies. In addition, you can view each mill’s entry in our Mills Database (MDE) and discover the individual catalogued items relating to them.

Black/Downham Mill, Barham (MDE)
Glover’s Mills (Old and New), Blean (MDE – Old Mill. MDE – New Mill)
Montefiore Windmill, Jerusalem (MDE)
Drapers Mill, Margate (MDE)
Little Drapers Mill, Margate (MDE)
New Mill, Northbourne (MDE)
Solly’s Mill, Preston (MDE)
Newington Mill, Ramsgate (MDE)
St. Margaret’s Bay Mill, St. Margaret’s at Cliffe (MDE)
Eight Mile Mill, Sarre (MDE)
Barnsole Mill, Staple (MDE)
Davison’s Mill, Stelling Minnis (MDE)
New Mill, Swingfield (MDE)

Mills Holmans repaired

Haifa Windmill, Syria (MDE)
Swanton Watermill, Mersham (MDE)
Taylor’s Watermill (Bradley’s), Speldhurst (MDE)