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Home-grown Slaves: Women, Reproduction, and the Abolition of the Slave Trade, Jamaica 1788–1807Turner, SashaJournal of Women’s History2011Vol. 23 No. 3, 39–62.Digital
Slave Women and Reproduction in Jamaica, c .1776–1834Morgan, KennethHistorical Association2006vol 91 (302) 231-253Digital
Colophons and Annotations: New Directions for the Finding AidHyry, Tom; Light, MichelleThe American Archivist2002Vol 65 (Fall/Winter) pp216-230Digital
Milling journals of the past. How Milling was printedCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020SeptemberDigital
Argonauta. Part 2Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2021SeptemberDigital
Argonauta. Part 8.1Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Flour World Museum. “The man from the glacier”. How Ötzi came to WittenburgMilling & Grain 2017SeptemberDigital
Museum that embraces the future of feedMilling & Grain 2019SeptemberDigital
Recent history of mill study and recordingBryan, Anthony A (Tony)Mills Research Group1984SeptemberDigital
Selection of our stone shopCharles Ross & Son Company1917or laterCopied document
Historic Counties Standard; A Standard for the Definition of the Names, Areas and Borders of the Historic Counties of the United KingdomThe Historic Counties Trust2015or laterDigital
Shepherd wheel visitor's guideSheffield Industrial Museums Trust2011or laterBook
Uncle Seth builds a windmillKellogg, ElijahEarly Trades & Crafts Society1973October 23Offprint/Journal Supplement
Mill PoetryNorchi (m Bryan), Philippa BMills Research Group1983OctoberDigital
Power of an image: The banner of ‘The Grain Millers of Glasgow’ and its historical contextCookson, Mildred M; Sanchez-Villavicencio, DanielMilling & Grain 2018OctoberDigital
Silo – a rescue movie filmed in Sukup binsMilling & Grain 2018OctoberDigital
Small Computers for Mill Record SystemsBryan, Anthony A (Tony)Mills Research Group1983OctoberDigital
Note on the Military Use of Mills; Food supply and strategic aspectsOrgan, MichaelMills Research Group1983OctoberDigital
Rex Wailes collection has arrived at the Mills Archive (33 years after he died)Bartram, Elizabeth; Hodge, NathanaelSPAB Mill News2019OctoberDigital
Argonauta. Part 8.2Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Stansted Windmill, EssexHodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Conservation of milling drawingsHodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2021NovemberDigital
Argonauta. Part 3Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2021NovemberDigital
Alltech continues to support WFA mentorship program for women in agri-foodMilling & Grain 2023Newsletter 11 January 2023Digital
Rex Wailes Collection. Gems of the Rex Wailes CollectionHodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2023MayDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Hallam Ashley and Roller MillsCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021MayDigital
Old mill in Virginia saved by a hoaxMiller Publishing Corporation1973MayDigital
Argonauta. Part 6Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Prof Dr Katharina Scherf receives 2022 Harald Perten PrizeMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Windmills of Nantucket, USA 1Hodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022MayDigital
UN declares 2026 as International Year of the Woman FarmerMilling & Grain 2024MayDigital
Women in the Northwestern Miller magazineRose, StarlinaThe Mills Archive Trust2024March 8Digital
Argonauta. Part 5Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022MarchDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Printing blocks in the Rex Wailes CollectionCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020MarchDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. An Artistic Collaboration Part 1Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021MarchDigital
Interview with Constance Cullman, CEO and President, AFIAMilling & Grain 2020MarchDigital
Windmills in churchesNorchi (m Bryan), Philippa BMills Research Group1988MarchDigital
Hoppers, bushels & multure bowlsHarverson, MichaelMills Research Group1988MarchDigital
History of milling and two days cramped up inside an eighteenth century cellar!Cookson, Ronald FMilling & Grain 2017MarchDigital
Mills site indexing; a progress report from 1965 to 1985Bryan, Anthony A (Tony)Mills Research Group1988MarchDigital
Women in millingBartram, ElizabethMilling & Grain 2023MarchDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Marjorie Batten, windmill preservation pioneerTrout, ElizabethMilling & Grain 2022MarchDigital
Once upon a time ...Jolin, LucyCAM; Cambridge Alumni Magazine2024Lent Term pp 28-36Digital
How Turkey Red Winter Wheat Came to the USFriesen, Herbert FNorthwestern Miller1963June 24, pp 11-13Digital
Rex Wailes Collection. Hallam Ashley (1900-1987) and Horstead MillCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021JUneDigital
Argonauta. A book heralding from Augeo in Italy, a place internationally renowned for its cultureAntolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2021JuneDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Windmills of Nantucket, USA 2Hodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022JuneDigital
Flour is art. FlourWorld Museum opens a new chapterMilling & Grain 2023JuneDigital
Functional tradition, the: As shown in early industrial buildingsArchitectural Review1957July vol CXXII (726)Book
Rex Wailes Collection. Kate and Becky: How it feels to work behind the scenesCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021JulyDigital