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Rex Wailes Collection. An Artistic Collaboration Part 1Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021MarchDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. An Artistic Collaboration Part 2Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021AprilDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. An Artistic ConsultantCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021FebruaryDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Damage, Repair and ConservationCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020JulyDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Hallam Ashley (1900-1987) and Horstead MillCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021JUneDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Hallam Ashley and Roller MillsCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021MayDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. His published work; articles on millingCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2019DecemberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Kate and Becky: How it feels to work behind the scenesCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2021JulyDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. No Half Measures at Palmer’sCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020DecemberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Printing blocks in the Rex Wailes CollectionCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020MarchDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Rex as international traveller and mill recorder (Finland)Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020MayDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Rex as photographer and mill recorderCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020AprilDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Rex makes front page newsCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020OctoberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Rex the mill magnetCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020NovemberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Rex Wailes visits USA and surveys Long Island and Nantucket windmillsCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020JuneDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Sails and earthquakesCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020FebruaryDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. The books he has writtenCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020JanuaryDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. The Power of the Press: How it changed our landscape (with some help from Rex Wailes)Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020AugustDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Windmills and steam power in BarbadosCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2020SeptemberDigital
Rise and Fall of the MillstoneCookson, Mildred MCereal Foods World2019Vol. 64, No. 4 ppDigital
Staining millCookson, Mildred MThe author1982Book
Tony Yoward (1925 - 2019)Cookson, Mildred MSPAB Mill News2019AprilDigital
Turn, turn, turn: 75 years of saving millsCookson, Mildred M; Hudson, Simon; Hughes, Gareth; Pearce, D L; Watts, MartinSPAB2006Offprint/Journal Supplement
Women in milling. The evolving role of women in the world’s oldest industryBartram, Elizabeth; Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital