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'The Garden of the World': An historical archaeology of sugar landscapes in the eastern Caribbean (1632)Hicks, DanBritish Archaeological Reports2007Book
American windmills: an album of historic photographsBaker, T LindsayUniversity of Oklahoma Press2007Book
Beeleigh watermill and steam millMaldon District Council2007Book
Bembridge windmill: a valuable survivorLight, MartinBembridge Heritage Society2007Book
Berkshire windmillsBlythman, GuyThe author2007Book
Biographical dictionary of British Quakers in commerce and industry, 1775-1920Milligan, Edward HSessions Book Trust2007Book
Bowmans flour technology, 1857-2007: Generations of innovation; millstones and milestonesBowmans2007Book
Bricks, tiles and bicycles in Barton before 1900Bryant, Geoffrey F; Land, Nigel DBarton-on-Humber Branch of the Workers' Educational Association2007Book
Brixton windmillFriends of Windmill Gardens2007Book
Chinnor windmill: history and restorationMarshall, AdrianThe author2007Book
Consolidated glossary of British mill termsYoward, TonySPAB2007Book
Corby Glen windmillAdams, Alfred William (Fred)The author2007Book
Drainage, mills and polders: history and preservation Abstracts Themed Conference 8 June 2007Ijzerman, YoltTIMS2007Book
Engineers of mills in the later middle agesLangdon, JohnSPAB2007Book
Eskdale Mill: a guide to the mill and its history; the Lake District's oldest working watermillJones, Chris; King, David; Zeller, Peter vanEskdale Mill & Heritage trust2007Book
Glossaire du MolinologueFlahaut, RolandFFAM2007Book
Guide to Combe MillCombe Mill Society2007Book
Harnessing the tides: the early medieval tide mills at Nendrum Monastery, Strangford LoughCrothers, Norman; McErlean, ThomasStationery Office2007Book
Heage windmill revealedBoucher, John; Gifford, Alan; Walker, GraemeHeage Windmill Society2007Book
International Molinology 2007-2012TIMS2007Journal
L'Aventure du fer en Bourgogne: de Bibracte au CreusotRenaud, GuyEditions Alain Sutton2007Book
Lietuvos MalnaiKligiene, MimozaMaldzio Fondas2007Book
Lille: terre de moulinsBruggeman, JeanEdition ARAM Nord, Pas de Calais2007Book
Meesters en molens: van Rembrandt tot MondriaanDumas, Charles; Endedijk, Leo; Laurentius, Theo; van der Drift, LeoWaanders Uitgevers2007Book
Mill Tour for the Tenth Symposium of The International Molinological SocietySpring, SteveTIMS2007Symposium Transactions
Mills OpenWoodward-Nutt, JamesSPAB2007Book
Molens, mythes en mysteries: molen-verteilingen uit Lage LandenKorver, Carolien; Steendam, EllenCeladon2007Book
Monuments de l'eau en ProvenceHomet, Jean-MarieEdisud2007Book
Post-Symposium tour guide: mill wonders in FlandersBrouwers, Frans; De Punt, Johan; Denewet, LievenTIMS2007Book
Power generating windmill: Buid your own!Troyer, HenryJEC Publishing, Springfield, Missouri2007Book
Pre-Symposium tour guide:highlights of HollandBrouwers, Frans; De Punt, Johan; Denewet, LievenTIMS2007Book
Programme and excursions guideWijnmalen, DiederikTIMS2007Book
Quainton windmillQuainton Windmill Society2007Book
Radwanderkarte MühlenrouteAnon, BVA-Bielefeld2007Book
Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles Vol 1 A-M; Vol 2 N-ZOxford University Press2007Book
Story of Bowmans 1857-2007Bowmans2007Book
Sugar mills and salt pans in Java - Transactions volume 12 pp 485-Boucher, JohnTIMS2007Article
Sugar, Engineering and Commerce in Nineteenth Century Cuba (Sub-imperial Globalisation and the Phoenix of Empire) - Working Paper No.2Curry-Machado, JonathanCommodities of Empire2007Digital
Sugarcane milling throughout the centuries - Transactions volume 12 pp 103van Bergen, WillemTIMS2007Article
Sustaining Heritage; giving the past a futureGilmour, TonySydney University Press2007Book
The windmills of Thomas Hennell: Landmark countryside collectionStoyel, AlanLandmark2007Book
Tower windmills in medieval England: A case of arrested development? - Vol 46 (October) pp 697-718Langdon, John; Watts, MartinTechnology and Culture2007Offprint/Journal Supplement
Transactions of the Twelfth symposium of The International Molinological SocietyTIMS2007Symposium Transactions
Trials tribulations and pranks: anthology of recollections by ex-staff of the Waltham Abbey Explosives Research EstablishmentPaul, NormanFriends Association of the Royal Gunpowder Mills2007Book
Twelfth symposium of The International Molinological Society: Papers to be presented from 2nd - 10th June 2007van der Drift, Leo; Wijnmalen, DiederikTIMS2007Symposium Transactions
Ullesthorpe windmillBurton, JohnUllesthorpe Preservation Trust2007Book
Watermills of Buckinghamshire:: a 1930s account by Stanley Freese with original photographsFarley, Michael; Freese, StanleyBuckinghamshire Archaeological Society2007Book
Windmills of Lincolnshire: surviving into the 21st centuryJager, DavidHeritage Lincolnshire2007Book
Zaankanters en het water: De mensen, de schepen en het landschap [The people, the ships and the landscape]Boes, Albert; de Vries, J M; Dobber, Wladimir; Kingma, Jur; Marcuse, Peter; Paul, CeesStichting Uitgeverij Noord-Holland2007Book