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History of damsSmith, NormanPeter Davies1971Book
Charles Dickens' wellCaiger, J E L; Harrison, A CArchaeologia Cantiana1971Offprint/Journal Supplement
Roman and Islamic water-lifting wheelsSchiøler, ThorkildOdense University Press1973Book
Steam in the FensHinde, K S GCambridge Society for Industrial Archaeology1974Book
Urgent hour: a history of the drainage of the Burnt Fen districtBeckett, JohnEly Local History Publications Board1974Book
Crofton beam engines: the story of Crofton Pumping Station on the Kennet and Avon CanalKennet and Avon Canal Trust1975Book
Steam engines and waterwheels: a pictorial study of some early mining machinesWoodall, Frank DMoorland Publishing1975Book
Tjasker windmillBlom, Louis HTIMS1975Book
Ryhope pumping station: a history and descriptionLinsley, S MRyhope Engines Trust1975Book
Chinese chain and washer pumpsCollett, John; Watt, SimonIntermediate Technology Publications1976Book
Great level: a history of drainage and land reclamation in the FensSummers, DorothyDavid & Charles1976Book
Man and water: a history of hydro-technologySmith, NormanPeter Davies1976Book
Illustrated catalogue of pumping & winding engines, and other plant used for mining purposes, horizontal, fixed, and portable engines, Cornish and other boilers, general machinery, manufactured by Williams' Perran Foundry Co., CornwallTrevithick Society1976Facsimile reprint
Hellend scheprad: geschiedenis en bouwSipman, AntonDe Walburg Pers1977Book
Construction manual for a Cretan windmillvan de Ven, NSteering Committee for Wind Energy in Developing Countries1977Book
History of agricultural drainageLand Drainage Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food1977Book
Construction manual for a Cretan windmillvan de Ven, NCWD: Consultancy Services Wind Energy Developing Countries1977Book
Drainage windmills of the Norfolk marshes: a contemporary surveySmith, Arthur CStevenage Museum1978Book
Wells and water supplyVince, JohnShire1978Book
How to build a "Cretan Sail" windmill for use in low-speed wind conditionsMann, R DIntermediate Technology Publications1979Book
Stenen Poldermolens in Rijnland: Bijdrage tot de kennis van de windwatermolens in het hoogheemraadschap van RijnlandCaarten, A BickerEuropese Bibliotheek1981Book
Aspects of irrigation with windmillsVilsteren, A VCWD: Consultancy Services Wind Energy Developing Countries1981Book
Manual on the hydraulic ram for pumping waterWatt, SimonIntermediate Technology Publications1981Offprint/Journal Supplement
Wieksystemen voor Polder en IndustriemolensPouw, G JKluwer1982Book
Water pumping windmill bookHirshberg, GaryBrick House1982Book
What future for Broadland? Strategy & management plan: draft for consultationClark, M AitkenBroads Authority1982Offprint/Journal Supplement
Changing FenlandDarby, H CCambridge University Press1983Book
Windmills and pumps of the southwestAllen, Bill; Hays, DickEakin Press1983Book
Claverton pumping station: a definitive studyDanks, WarwickKennet and Avon Canal Trust1984Book
Symposium uber der Historie der Wasserforderung Berlin 1985Glaser, FritzFrontinus Gessellschaft1985Book
Cascade and the Bramah wheelHowes, Lesley; Ward, Jane1986Book
KinderdijkStol, TaekeMatrijs1987Book
Windpumping handbookFraenkel, Peter; Kenna, Jeff; Lancashire, SarahIntermediate Technology Publications1987Book
Early dam builders in BritainBinnie, G MThomas Telford Ltd1987Book
Life to the city: aspects of Exeter's historyMinchinton, WalterDevon Books1987Book
Age of water: the urban environment in the north of France, AD 300-1800Guillerme, Andre ETexas A&M UP1988Book
Fairmount waterworksGibson, Jane MorkPhiladlphia Museum of Art1988Book
Water-powered pumping engines in S.E. EnglandCumming, RobMills Research Group1988MarchDigital
Taming the flood: a history and natural history of rivers and wetlandsPurseglove, JeremyOxford University Press1989Book
Middeleeuwse watermolens in Hollands polderland; 1407/08 - rondom 1500: 1407/'08 - about 1500Caarten, A BickerStichting Uitgeverij Noord-Holland1990Book
Drainage windmills of the Norfolk marshes: New editionSmith, Arthur CThe author1990Book
Windpumps for irrigationGoedhart, P D; van Dijk, H JCWD (now TOOL), Amsterdam1990Book
Water water everywhere: the draining of the FensBevis, TrevorThe author1992Book
Wells and pumpsVince, JohnSorbus1992Book
Das Wasser auf den Berg zu schaffen; Die Grünberger Brunnenkunstvon Reitzenstein, DagmarStadt Grünberg1993Book
Coultershaw beam pumpSussex Industrial Archaeology Society1994Book
Building a domestic windpumpBarr, James H (Jim)HubEditions, Bedfordshire1994Book
De Windmotor als Poldergemaal in FrieslandBergstra, J; Hengs, W DThe author1995Book
Norfolk Broads: a landscape historyWilliamson, TomManchester University Press1997Book
Poldaw windpumps for rural water supplyNeale Consulting Engineers Ltd1998Book