High Salvington: saving Worthing’s Last windmill


Well-illustrated account of the 40-year plus rescue and repair of High Salvington Windmill. A4, 66 pages more than 150 illustrations in full colour. Detailed accounts of each stage and a list of mill owners millers since 1615. Chapter headings:
1 Early History
2 The Millers and Mill Owners
3 Overview of the Restoration
4 Replacing the Trestle and Crowntree
5 Making the Brake Wheel
6 Fitting and adjusting the Brake
7 Cladding the Mill
8 Restoring the Wind Shaft and Tail Wheel
9 Building the Sails
10 Building the Wire Machine
11 Stones and Tentering

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  • Author(s): Casebow, Peter
  • Publisher: The Mills Archive Trust
  • Publication year: 2021