Den Danske Molle vol 8 no 1


Molinological computations

A4 journal, 944pp., profusely illustrated with b/w photographs, tables, drawings, sketches, maps and graphs.

Main language Danish. English translation.

Molinological computations, the reason and need for theses.

Plans, the mills were often built to plans. Two examples.

Tests , conducted in 1947-57-81. The results are now analysed.

Rules, developed over 50 years broken into five sub-nits.

Topography greatly influence even the present day impact on the mills.


Millwork, how did the millwrights and the millers between them create one of the finest mills in Europe?

Business, the commercial situation of the miller yesteryear and to-day.

Windpower, a brief introduction to the many aspects of this important area of Molinology.



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  • Author(s): Jespersen, Anders
  • Photographer: Medlemsblad for Selskabet Danske Mollers Venner
  • Publication year: 1994
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