Philip Francis Dacre Barrett-Lennard 241h October 1947 - 6th December 2013

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    Pargeter, Vincent G [Author]

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    It is sad to report the death of Philip Barrett-Lennard, who became a keen member of the Section as a young man, and went on to become a millwright and mill owner.

    I first met Philip on a Section Mill Tour when he was in his 20s, and was impressed by his interest in mills and all things mechanical. He had already dismantled and stored the remains of Chinnor post mill in Oxfordshire, which was being demolished to make room for housing. He originally intended to rebuild Chinnor mill in his parents' garden in Essex, but his parents weren't keen on the idea and vetoed it!

    I stayed with Philip and his parents in Ricl<ling, Essex and saw Chinnor Mill, then in a barn nearby at Henham. We also visited the watermill at Great Bardfield which Philip had got working for the owners. Mr and Mrs Turner. I remember him phoning the Turners to get the by-pass gate closed, and when we went there, he was able to start the mill and we did a bit of wheat grinding…Read more.


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