Wheels of fortune - the Shuttleworth family of the Bowdens and Market Harborough

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    Morris, Janice [Author]

    Publisher Market Harborough Historical Society
    Year of publication 2013 The Harborough Historian (30)

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    Scope & contentAuthor's notes: Henry Shuttleworth and his forebears had owned Ringstead (Woodford) Mill, Northamptonshire. The family lived in Market Harborough and Henry, a solicitor, left the town due to some questionable financial dealings and investments.
    He moved to Woodchester in the Frome Valley and became a partner in Lightpill Mill, a pin mill. The mill building still exists.

    Henry once again got into difficulties with partners. He became bankrupt in 1839 and a number of court cases were brought against him. He died in 1840, but cases were still continuing several years later against his partner in the pin mill.

    The mill was used for cloth making in the mid 17th century. After the 1830's pin-making was carried out in one part of the mill. Cloth was still made and there was also a dyeing business in another part. Later the mill was used by a printing firm. From 1911 various plastics were manufactured and in the 1960s it was acquired by British Petroleum. It seems the pin making venture was relatively short-lived.

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