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Coronavirus and the Milling Industry

Milling in the USA

The USA had ample supplies of wheat and flour during the COVID-19 pandemic, however they experienced comparable scenes to the UK, with supermarket shelves being stripped due to the ‘panic buying’ of products such as bread, flour and pasta. Again, due to logistical issues with packaging and the larger focus in the commercial market, retail stocks of flour quickly dried up with the increase in home baking. US company King Arthur saw their all-purpose and bread flour sales rise by more than 2000% in March, with overall flour sales up nearly 162% for the four weeks ending April 11 from the previous year. Similarly to the mills in the UK, Ardent Mills, situated in Denver, Colorado found their mills working at full capacity for 24 hours a day to complete their orders, due to the demand for flour in supermarkets.

Although supermarkets faced the brunt of panic buying, smaller mills were positively impacted due to an increase in custom. Small, local mills such as Moores’ Flour Mill in Redding, California and Cairnspring Mills in Washington experienced a huge increase in flour sales due to the lack of flour stocked at the supermarkets. The use of smaller Mills in a time of such uncertainty not only provided these mills with a boost in revenue, but also the opportunity to develop a customer base that could extend further than the current pandemic. Mills also used their standing to act as community hubs, like Cairnspring Mills. These hubs offer support to the community by ensuring bread boxes are full and keeping local bakers baking. This highlights the importance of Mills during unprecedented times, not only for supplying flour and other wheat-based products for food, but for supporting communities to keep morale high.


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