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The Watermill Warrior

In the year 1892, a formidable force arrived on British shores: a lady by the name of Emilie Montgomery Gardner, or simply E. M. Gardner, as she is widely known.

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A forerunner of the women’s suffrage act who travelled around the country by horse-drawn caravan, and a civil servant who won an OBE for her services, E. M. Gardner led an intriguing and mysterious life, and was truly a force to be reckoned with. So when she became passionate about the need to recognise and preserve watermills, nobody could stand in her way.

E. M. Gardner is a name that will go down in history, alongside her sister-soldiers Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett. The 26th August is the 101st anniversary of the Representation of the People act, which first gave women the right to vote – thanks to the activism and bravery of these women. Join us in celebrating this leading lady whose work is responsible for the preservation and appreciation of watermills to this day.

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