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Vote to help mill conservation in Kent

Author: Dennis Usmar

The time has arrived to vote for the” Valley Conservation society” project on the Natwest Community Force site. If you haven’t already done so, please vote soon (26 days remaining)

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How to find the site
Google “Natwest Community Force” open site & register (only takes a moment)

Then go to

Tick the box that you accept and click the voting box.

You will have two other votes if you would like to use them for some other projects but not in Kent.

Please ask family and friends to vote for our project and to pass the information on to other people.
If you belong to any other organisation, work, clubs or societies please inform them of the Natwest Community Force site and ask them to vote for the Valley Conservation Project
Every vote will count.


Our objectives are to work towards conserving and improving the natural, architectural, industrial and environmental heritage of the Lower Loose Stream, Tovil, Maidstone, Kent.

Project Information

We are negotiating the purchase of a small parcel of land immediately adjacent to our Upper Crisbrook Mill pond. The purchase would enable the Society to create a permanent “Conservation Centre” in the valley. This facility would be used to store the many tools required for the conservation work. It would enable the storage of Mill artefacts for public display and a small workshop area for tool maintenance and renovation work to be carried out.