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Charlwood flour miller or flour mill owner named William Simmons

Author: Dave Simmons

Hello from the USA. I wonder if someone may be interested in assisting me…. In the time frame of 1830 to 1867 there lived a flour miller at Charlwood, near Horley, named William Simmons.

This is verified by the census records.  His sons included William Simmons, Jr., Leonard O., Alfred A., Archibald A. and Edwin J. along with a daughter named Mary Ann who married a skilled carpenter by surname of John Dancy born in Reigate.    Sons William and Archibald Simmons came to the US to Oregon by 1851 and were milling flour….by 1868 William Simmons Jr. had an operating flour mill which transferred ownership at one time and another amongst himself and two of his brothers between 1869 and 1889.   The parents and remaining children including Dancy left for the USA in June 1868 and arrived in Oregon by September 1868 after ship travel from Liverpool to New York arrived July, 1868.

Does anyone have flour mill owner names for historical mills once existing at Charlwood (per census of 1851) ?  Is anyone willing or able to check parish records at a local church at Charlwood for me to see if there is reference to this family ?

Dave Simmons,