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New Website on European Windmills

Author: Leo van Raamsdonk

For years now I am interested in regional diversity and development of windmills. After a period that I didn’t have the possibility to pay attention, I recently started to study traditional windmills again. One of the current results is a website with a.o. a computer program for identifying European windmills. Another part of the website consists of overviews of European countries, of which the information is yet not fully documented.

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The address is I also maintain a page with links to the major websites covering the topic of windmills. If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact me at . 

Traditional windmills occur in a range of European countries. For several countries, websites and databases are developed containing well organised information on individual windmills; see windmill links. In other cases information is more difficult to find, while in several of those countries very interesting specific types occur.

Country documentation is available on this website for:

Sweden and Finland.

Spain and Portugal.

Greece and Turkey.

The lists consist of documentation and links to windmills which show (almost) full outside equipment: cap, wings and tail if originally belonging to the type in order to identify the type of mill. Fully restored windmills that are relocated to a museum outside the original region or country are excluded. In some cases museums are erected on the original windmill location. These sites can be included in the lists for getting correct distribution data.