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Bau von Wasserkraftanlagen: praxisbezogene PlanungsgrundlagenJehle, Christoph; von König, FelixC. F. Müller Verlag1997Book
Wassermühlen: 35 000 Kleinkraftwerke zum Wohnen und ArbeitenKur, Friedrich; Wolf, Heinz GeorgC. F. Müller Verlag1995Book
Windpower principles: their application on the small scaleCalvert, N GCalvert Technical Press2004Book
Wind powerMusgrove, PeterCambridge University Press2010Book
Guide to small wind energy conversion systemsTwidell, JohnCambridge University Press1987Book
Wind powerMusgrove, PeterCambridge University Press2010Book
Mechanix Illustrated budget windchargerCBS Publications, USA1978Book
Empire patent windmillCecil Hodges and Co Ltd, London1926Copied document
Carmarthen Bay wind energy demonstration centre: young person's guideCEGBBook
Power from the windCentral Electricity Generating Board1982Book
Dinorwic pumped storage power stationCentral Electricity Generating Board1979Book
Straight bladed Darrieus wind turbines: The computer program "Quixote"Pearce, D LCentral Electricity Generating Board1980Book
Wind power at Capel Cynon - or 1989Central Electricity Generating Board1988Book
Teacher's guide to water power projectsCentre for Alternative TechnologyEducation pack
Teacher's guide to wind power projectsCentre for Alternative Technology2001Education pack
It's a breeze: a guide to choosing windpowerPiggott, HughCentre for Alternative Technology2001Book
Windpower workshop: building your own wind turbinePiggott, HughCentre for Alternative Technology1997Book
Alternative energy strategy for the United KingdomTodd, R WCentre for Alternative Technology1977Book
Pupil's guide to windpowerCentre for Alternative Technology1997Education pack
Choosing windpowerPiggott, HughCentre for Alternative Technology2006Book
It's a breeze: a guide to choosing windpowerPiggott, HughCentre for Alternative Technology1995Book
Inverters and power conditioningTodd, R WCentre for Alternative Technology1989Book
Controls for small wind/solar battery systemsTodd, R WCentre for Alternative Technology1987Book
Scrapyard windpower realities: Building windmills with recycled partsPiggott, HughCentre for Alternative Technology1993Book
Where the wind blows; an introduction to wind powerHorne, BrianCentre for Alternative Technology1997Book
DIY Plan no 3: Savonius wind pump - AugustCentre for Alternative Technology1988Brochure, leaflet or poster
Teacher's Guide to Renewable Energy Projects; 1: Wind PowerCentre for Alternative TechnologyEducation pack
Teacher's Guide to Renewable Energy Projects; 2: Water PowerCentre for Alternative TechnologyEducation pack
Windpower principles: their application on the small scaleCalvert, N GCharles Griffin1979Book
Wind power for home and business: renewable energy for the 1990s and beyondGipe, PaulChelsea Green1993Book
Bogen om vindmøllerBugge, Jacob A ChrClausen Bøger1978Book
Windpower for electricity productionConservation Tools and Technology LtdBook
Elektro windpowerClarke, Robin; Tichatschek, KunoConservation Tools and Technology LtdBook
Winco ElectricShilling, ChrisConservation Tools and Technology LtdBook
Wind Power for your home: the first complete guide that tells how to make the wind's energy work for youSullivan, GeorgeCornerstone Library1980Book
Power from the windPutnam, Palmer CosslettD. Van Nostrand Company1948Book
Vinden som vestjysk energikildeDanmarks Vindkrafthistoriske Samling2003Book
Mindre danske vindmøller 1860 -1980Danmarks Vindkrafthistoriske Samling2001Book
Wind farms projectDepartment for Enterprise1992Book
Harnessing the wind: wind energy technology in BritainDepartment of Energy (UK)1988Book
Harnessing the wind: the continuing development of wind energy technology in Britain - JuneDepartment of Energy (UK)1989Book
Large wind turbine generatorsDonovan, R M; Thomas, Ronald LDepartment of Energy (USA)1978Book
Renewable Energy in BritainDepartment of Energy (USA)1989Book
New ReviewDepartment of Trade and Industry1995Book
Wind farms and public opinion - MayCollett, SueDepartment of Trade and Industry1995Article
Savonius wind turbineNichols, RonDIT Prints and Plans1999Book
Savonius wind turbine 2-3KWDIT Prints and PlansCopied document
Wind Energy: the generation, storage and conversion of wind power for practical use todayHurst, John; Kovarik, Tom; Pipher, CharlesDomus Books1979Book
Dunlite wind driven generator; 2KW BrushlessDunlite1977Book
Original Dunlite Instruction Book for Dunlite wind lighting plant: Models L (1000W) & M (1500W)DunliteBook