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Lucas-Freelite wind driven electric lighting plant; provides light from the windLucas Electrical Co Ltd, SolihullBook
Lucas-Freelite wind driven electric lighting plant; provides light from the windLucas Electrical Co Ltd, SolihullBook
Lucas-Freelite wind driven electric lighting plantLucas Electrical Co Ltd, SolihullBrochure, leaflet or poster
You can light that remote building with electricity for nothing with this Lucas-Freelite wind driven lighting plantLucas Electrical Co Ltd, SolihullBrochure, leaflet or poster
Build a wind gennyMoore, IanThe authorBook
Small scale wind turbine constructionBeyond InnovationBook
Softec wind charger 300Copied document
Kilowatt wind powered energy source KWP-1Copied document
Dragonfly wind generatorCornelius, BillThe authorBook
6-Volt Hy-Tower charger instruction manualParris-Dunn Corp, Clarinda IowaCopied document
Hannas Freelite installation and maintenanceHannan Bros Ltd, AdelaideBook
Hannas Freelite: electricity free from the windKelv-electric pty ltd, MlabourneBrochure, leaflet or poster
Winco ElectricShilling, ChrisConservation Tools and Technology LtdBook
MS-2, 250kw 25m diameter wind turbine generatorWind Energy Group, MiddlesexBrochure, leaflet or poster
Instruction book for 110 & 32 volt direct drive Jacobs Wind ElectricJacobs Wind Electric IncCopied document
Windstream wind generator: construction plan using 100 watt permanent magnet generatorThermax Corporation, VermontPlans and instructions
Wind electric plants and componentsHill Jr, Thomas EThe authorManuscript/Typescript
Cousins solar wind turbine plansCousins, BobThe authorBook
Windcharger drawingsDe Groote, Carl JPlans and instructions
Quirk's wind-driven lighting plantsQuirk's Viictory Light Co, MelbourneBrochure, leaflet or poster
Aerotron; Croft lighting setsLlwyngwern Forge Co, MachynllethBrochure, leaflet or poster
Windpower wind generatorOK EnterprisesPlans and instructions
Fourwind wind powerFourwind (UK)Brochure, leaflet or poster
WindsaveB&QBrochure, leaflet or poster
Hy-Tower Skyscaper - World's BestParris-Dunn Corp, Clarinda IowaBrochure, leaflet or poster
Automatic high speed wind dynamos for electric lighting and battery charging purposesFA Wilkinson and Partners Ltd, KetteringBrochure, leaflet or poster
Teacher's Guide to Renewable Energy Projects; 1: Wind PowerCentre for Alternative TechnologyEducation pack
Teacher's Guide to Renewable Energy Projects; 2: Water PowerCentre for Alternative TechnologyEducation pack
Rutland windcharger charge controllersBrochure, leaflet or poster
Improvements in Wind Engines; British Patent - Number: 19,401Blyth, JamesHMSO1891Digital
Electrical power: and its generation, transmission and use for all purposesElectrical Power1905Book
Water power engineering: the theory, investigation and development of water powerMead, Daniel WMcGraw-Hill1908Book
Electricity from the windJ G Childs & Co Ltd, London1909Copied document
High-pressure water-power works and Results of experiments with Francis turbines and tangential (Pelton) turbinesPrasil, Franz; Zodel, LInstitution of Mechanical Engineers1911Book
Waterpower on every farm No 2 - JuneRichard Edwards, Llanuwchllyn, N Wales1922Book
Windmills for generating electricity and power; made under Burne's patents and patents pending - SeptemberEnglish Bothers Ltd, Wisbech1923Book
VindkraftanlaegVindmotorfabriken Lykkegaard1924Copied document
Ventimotor: Electric light in your homes from the natural power of the windPatent Lighting Co, Ltd, London1924Copied document
Natural Power: electricity from the wind - ?Glasgow Electrical Engineering Co Ltd1925Copied document
Empire patent windmillCecil Hodges and Co Ltd, London1926Copied document
Report on the use of windmills for the generation of electricityInstitute of Agricultural Engineering, University of Oxford1926Book
Out of the RutMcBain Bros Ltd, Berwick on Tweed1927Book
Windmills for the generation of electricityBrown, C A CameronUniversity of Oxford Institute for Research in Agricultural Engineering1933Book
Generator SecretsDuncan, S WLindsay Publications1935Facsimile reprint
AutopowerDuncan, S WAutopwer, Chicago, USA1937Book
Homemade Six-volt Wind-electric plantsBuck, Foster; McColly, H FNorth Dakota Agricultural Collecge1939Book
Windgeneratoren: de werking, constructie en berekening van windmolens, windmotoren en winddynamosWartena, RKluwer1941Book
Windpower Limited Catalogue no 3Windpower Ltd, Saskatchewan1941Book
Report on the Severn Barrage SchemeDonkin, S B; Halcrow, Sir William; Vaughan-Lee, A GHMSO1945Book
Le Jay ManualLejay Manufacturing Minneapolis1945Book