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Darrieus rotating airfoil systemCopied document
Darrieus wind generatorJemmet Engineering, Pinner Middlesex1996Book
Darrieus windturbine system Series B #800101Glenvale Products, Toronto1979Manuscript/Typescript
Das kleine Windenergie WerkbuchStempel, Ulrich EFranzis’ Verlag2003Book
De Traanroier: Energie-monument van het verledenPigeaud, F DN.V. Texelsche Electriciteits-Maatschappij1970Book
Deep Green Power BWEA 24 - 2-4 OctoberBritish Wind Energy Association2002Symposium Transactions
Design and construction of a propellor type wind electric generator - JanuaryKrueger, Jack NUniversity of North Dakota1976Book
Design of high-speed windmills suitable for driving electric generatorsKlein, G JNational Aeronautical Establishment1975Book
Developing wind energy for the UKRand, MarcusFriends of the Earth1990Book
Dinorwic pumped storage power stationCentral Electricity Generating Board1979Book
DIY 12v - 100w wind generatorGotwind.org2006Book
DIY 4 foot PVC propellerGotwind.orgBook
DIY Plan no 3: Savonius wind pump - AugustCentre for Alternative Technology1988Brochure, leaflet or poster
DIY Windmills fr0m the BackshedBackshed2006Book
Dragonfly wind generatorCornelius, BillThe authorBook
Dragonfly wind generatorCornelius, BillThe author1981Book
Dragonfly wind generatorCornelius, BillThe author2001Copied document
Dunlite wind lighting plant: 1000 and 1,500 Watt Plants Model L & MDunliteBook
Dunlite (& Quirk's) Type BP; DC brushless 2KW Wind driven generating plantBarko, MalcolmThe author1974Book
Dunlite Type BP (2KW) Blades2004Book
Dunlite Type F55 wind driven generator DC brushless, 5KW for 110v DC operationDunlite1997Book
Dunlite wind driven generator; 2KW BrushlessDunlite1977Book
Dunlite wind generatorManuscript/Typescript
Dunlite wind power plantSolaris (website)2002Book
Economics of windmills for large electricity grids - ID: 688781Rockingham, A PEThOS1982Internet source
Ein weiter Weg von der Windmühle zur WindenergieanlageWindenergiepark Westküste GmBH1988Book
Einfälle statt Abfälle Windkraft 1Kuhtz, ChristianEinfälle statt Abfälle2002Book
Einfälle statt Abfälle Windkraft 2Kuhtz, ChristianEinfälle statt Abfälle2001Book
Einfälle statt Abfälle Windkraft 3Kuhtz, ChristianEinfälle statt Abfälle2001Book
Einfälle statt Abfälle Windkraft 4Kuhtz, ChristianEinfälle statt Abfälle2005Book
Electric lighting and pumping by wind powerSteel Wings Wind Turbine Co Ltd, LondonCopied document
Electrical power: and its generation, transmission and use for all purposesElectrical Power1905Book
Electricity free as the windWind Electric, DyfedCopied document
Electricity from the windJ G Childs & Co Ltd, London1909Copied document
Electricity from the wind: one of the greatest inventions of the 20th centuryJ G Childs & Co Ltd, LondonCopied document
Elektro windpowerClarke, Robin; Tichatschek, KunoConservation Tools and Technology LtdBook
Empire patent windmillCecil Hodges and Co Ltd, London1926Copied document
Energy from the windsUnited States Department of EnergyBrochure, leaflet or poster
Energy primer: solar, water, wind, and biofuelsMerrill, RichardPortola Institute1974Book
Energybook#1: Natural sources and backyard applicationsPrenis, JohnRunning Press1975Book
Eoliennes et aérogénérateurs: guide de l'énergie éolienneCunty, GuyEdisud2001Book
Eoliennes: faciles a construireRaphe, JSociete Parisienne d'Edition1968Book
Facts about wind turbine noise - MarchBWEA British Wind Energy Association1992Brochure, leaflet or poster
For the perfect energy mix - just add water!British Hydropower Association2011Book
Fourwind wind powerFourwind (UK)Brochure, leaflet or poster
Frans Derk Pigeaud 1892-1978 Obituary - Vol 49 p173Newcomen Society1978Article
Free electricityCopied document
Free electricity: Wind Gen Construction WGC-1Manuscript/Typescript
Fundamentals of wind energyChereminisoff, Nicholas PAnn Arbor Science1978Book
Garty-Apex wind dynamos; Electricity from the windGlasgow Electrical Engineering Co LtdCopied document