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Mercer's 1875 reliable turbine water wheel, improved 1880T B Mercer, Christiana, PA1880Book
Measurement of the flow of water. leaflet MGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1980Brochure, leaflet or poster
Lowell Hydraulic Experiments Being a selection from experiments on hydraulic motors, on the flow of water over weirs, in open canals of uniform rectangular section, and through submerged orifices and diverging tubes. Made at Lowell, Massachusetts.Francis, James BD Van Nostrand Company1909Book
Little Giant double turbine water wheels and Pelton wheelsS. Howes Co.Book
Little Giant Double TurbineHowes & Ewell1886Book
Lester Pelton and the Pelton water wheelLescohier, Roger PThe author1992Book
Lesner's Improved TurbineWm B Wemple & sons, Fultonville, NY1880Book
Leffel, turbine water wheels, Bulletin 54James Leffel & Co.1916Book
Leffel, Samson and Niagara turbine water wheelsJames Leffel & Co.1911Book
Leffel turbine water wheel; Great economy of water powerPoole & Hunt, Baltimore, MD1879Book
La Sarre au fil de l'eauDescombes, ReneSaarebourg1982Book
King of TurbinesC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1886Book
James Leffel's Double Turbine Water WheelThomas McKenzie & Sons, Dublin1883Book
Is There a Residual and Hidden Potential for Small and Micro Hydropower in Europe? A Screening‑Level Regional AssessmentBódis, Katalin; Kasiulis, Egidijus; McNabola, Aonghus; Pistocchi, Alberto; Quaranta, EmanueleWater Resources Management202236: pp 1745–1762Book
Industrial archaeology of windmills and waterpowerSchools Council, Heinemann1975Book
Improved Hercules TurbineJohn Turnbull, Jun & Sons, GlasgowBrochure, leaflet or poster
Improved "Eureka" Turbine Water WheelBarber & Son, Allentown, PA1879Book
Illustrated hand book of James Leffel's improved double turbine water wheel for 1883 and 1884Leffel, JamesSociety for the Preservation of Old Mills1988Book
Illustrated Catalogue of TurbinesArmfield, Joseph J & Co LtdUnbound documents
Illustrated catalogue and price list of Wait's Hudson River Champion Turbine water wheelsP H Wait, Sandfy Hill, washington County, NY1882Book
IHA Hydropower Status ReportInternational Hydropower Association2022-Digital
Hydraulic power engineeringMarks, G CroydonCrosby Lockwood and Son1900Book
Hydraulic power and hydrolyic machineryRobinson, HenryCharles Griffin1904Book
How to use water powerChatley, HerbertTechnical Publishing Co1907Book
Horizontal PerfectionC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1888Brochure, leaflet or poster
Holyoke Machine Company catalogueHolyoke Machine Company1895Book
History of water power in UlsterGribbon, H DDavid & Charles1969Book
Handwerk am Bach – von Mühlen, Sägen, Schmieden…Wiesauer, KarlTyrolia1999Book
Grundriss der Turbinen TheorieBrauer, Ernst AVerlag von S Hirzel1899Book
Godalming water turbineCrocker, GlenysGodalming Water Turbine Trust1986Book
Gilkes-Bennet soldering machines and accessoriesGilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1920Book
Gilkes, The Turgo Turbine'Gilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1922Book
Gilkes, On the development of water power: Centenary edition 1856-1956Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1956Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1898Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes & Co LtdBook
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1911Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1947Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1951Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1937Book
Gilkes, 'Pelton Wheels and Impulse Turbines'Gilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1920Book
Gilkes, 'On the development of water power'Gilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1903Book
Gilkes's 1853 to 1975. 122 years of Water Turbine and Pump Manufacture (A History of the Firm of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd.)Wilson, Paul N LordNewcomen Society1975March 12Manuscript/Typescript
Gilkes water turbines for hydro-electric powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1974Book
Gilkes Water TurbinesGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1980Brochure, leaflet or poster
Gilkes water motorsGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1961Brochure, leaflet or poster
Gilkes and Hydro PowerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1970Book
Geschichte der WasserkraftnutzungEckholdt, Martin; Löber, Ulrich; Tönsmann, FrankLandesmuseum Koblenz1985Book
Geschichte der WasserkraftnutzungTönsmann, FrankHerkules Verlag, Kassel1996Book
General description of Arthur Rigg's patent turbines, pumps and other hydraulic machineryArthur Rigg, LondonBook
Frances Turbine leaflet M40Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon LtdBrochure, leaflet or poster