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Mercer's 1875 reliable turbine water wheel, improved 1880T B Mercer, Christiana, PA1880Book
Perfection water wheel, the great water economiserCraig Ridgway & Son, Coatesville, PA1880Book
Obenchain's Improved Little Giant turbine water wheelKnowlton & Dolan, Logansport, IND1881Book
Poole & Hunt's Leffel Double Turbine Water WheelC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1882Book
Illustrated catalogue and price list of Wait's Hudson River Champion Turbine water wheelsP H Wait, Sandfy Hill, washington County, NY1882Book
American and New American turbine water wheels, flour and paper mill machineryStout, Mills & Temple, Dayton, Ohio1883Book
James Leffel's Double Turbine Water WheelThomas McKenzie & Sons, Dublin1883Book
Vortex water wheel; an improved turbineGilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1883Copied document
Recent Marked Improvements to the Colllins-Jonval TurbineJ P Collins & Co. Norwich, Conn1885Book
Description, Tables, Prices &c of the 'New American TurbineWm R Dell & Son1886Book
King of TurbinesC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1886Book
Little Giant Double TurbineHowes & Ewell1886Book
Turbinen catalogGebruder Seck, Darmstadt1886Book
Bodine's Jonval Turbine Water WheelGenesee Valley Mfg Co, NY1887Book
Horizontal PerfectionC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1888Brochure, leaflet or poster
Cadle & Ridgway Double Perfection Turbine Water WheelC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1888Brochure, leaflet or poster
Cadle & Ridgway Double Perfection Turbine Water WheelC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1888Book
Catalogue of "New American" Turbine and Fruen water wheel governorWm R Dell & Son1888Book
Balanced Gate turbineChristiana Machine Co, PA1889Book
Turbines of Various TypesChas Louis Hett, Brigg1889Book
Empress Turbine Water WheelsH Kennedy & Son, Coleraine, Londonderry1890Book
Catalogue and price list for Empress turbineH Kennedy & Son, Coleraine, Londonderry1890Book
Price list of turbinesH Kennedy & Son, Coleraine, Londonderry1890Brochure, leaflet or poster
Einfache Berechnung der turbinen auf grundlage des Reiche'schen Hauptgesetzes und eigener Erfahrung im TurbinebauVerlag von Meyer & Zeller in Zurich1890Book
Cadle Duplex Jet Water WheelC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1891Book
Flenniken turbine water wheelsUtter Manufactrung Co, Rockford, ILL1891Book
New American turbineWm R Dell & Son1892Book
Smith's Improved Success Water WheelS Morgan Smith, York, PA1892Book
Catalogue of the 'New American' turbineWm R Dell & Son1893Book
Concise Turbine Tables and revised price listChas Louis Hett, Brigg1893Book
Price ListChas Louis Hett, Brigg1893Book
Cadiot 'Petits Moteurs et Dynamos "Bebe"'E H Cadiot et Cie1894Book
Catalogue of Patent 'Daw' Rock Drills... Pelton wheels and trubinesA & Z Daw, London1894Book
Holyoke Machine Company catalogueHolyoke Machine Company1895Book
Perfect American Hurdy-GurdyAmerican Impulse Wheel Co1897Book
Special New American Turbine WheelWm R Dell & Son1898Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1898Book
Grundriss der Turbinen TheorieBrauer, Ernst AVerlag von S Hirzel1899Book
Hydraulic power engineeringMarks, G CroydonCrosby Lockwood and Son1900Book
Turbine water wheelsRisdon-Alcott Turbine Co Mount Holly, NJ1901Book
Victor High-Pressure Turbine WheelsStillwell-Bierce & Smith Vaile Co, Dayton, Ohio1902Book
Water or hydraulic motorsBjorling, Philip RE & F N Spon1903Book
Catalogue of clutches, turbines, governors, steam engines and sausage filling machinesN J H King & Co, Nailsworth, Glos1903Book
Gilkes, 'On the development of water power'Gilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1903Book
Special catalogue of spring governorsTheodor Wiede, Chemnitz, Saxony1903Book
Hydraulic power and hydrolyic machineryRobinson, HenryCharles Griffin1904Book
British Empire turbineArmfield, Joseph J & Co Ltd1905Unbound documents
British Empire TurbineArmfield, Joseph J & Co Ltd1905Unbound documents
Waterwheels: Parts 1 and 2Staff, I C SInternational Textbook Company1907Facsimile reprint
Modern Turbine Practise and Water-Power PlantsThurso, John WolfArchibald Constable & Co1907Book