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How to use water powerChatley, HerbertTechnical Publishing Co1907Book
Water power engineering: the theory, investigation and development of water powerMead, Daniel WMcGraw-Hill1908Book
New American Turbines. Catalogue R - 1 JanuaryDayton Globe, Ohio1909Book
Complete Plant for the Development of Water PowerJames Gordon & Co1909Book
Lowell Hydraulic Experiments Being a selection from experiments on hydraulic motors, on the flow of water over weirs, in open canals of uniform rectangular section, and through submerged orifices and diverging tubes. Made at Lowell, Massachusetts.Francis, James BD. Van Nostrand Company1909Book
Water turbine plant: a short practical treatiseOrten-Boving, JensRaithby, Lawrence & Co Ltd1910Book
Characteristics of modern hydraulic turbines - Transactions Vol 66 pp306-386Larner, Chester WAmerican Society of Civil Engineers1910Offprint/Journal Supplement
Leffel, Samson and Niagara turbine water wheelsJames Leffel & Co.1911Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1911Book
Water Power Catalogue EJames Gordon & Co1912Book
Catalogue of turbines, pelton wheels and other water motorsCarrick & Ritchie Ltd1913Unbound documents
Catalog DHydraulic Turbine Corp.Camden, NY1915Book
Turbine IdraulicheCostruzioni Meccaniche Riva1915Book
Leffel, turbine water wheels, Bulletin 54James Leffel & Co.1916Book
'Water TurbinesArmfield, Joseph J & Co Ltd1920Brochure, leaflet or poster
Gilkes-Bennet soldering machines and accessoriesGilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1920Book
Gilkes, 'Pelton Wheels and Impulse Turbines'Gilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1920Book
Waterpower on every farm No 2 - JuneRichard Edwards, Llanuwchllyn, N Wales1922Book
Gilkes, The Turgo Turbine'Gilbert Gilkes & Co Ltd1922Book
Water Turbines, Hydraulic Governos & Pipe LinesBoving & Co Ltd1924Book
Estate Water TurbineArmstrong-Whitworth1924Book
Complete plant for the devlopment of water powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1925Book
Das Kraftwerk Partensteinin in Oberosterreich - VDI-Z Bd 69, seite 1485J M Voith, Heidenheim1925Offprint/Journal Supplement
Fitz-Burnham Turbine. Catalogue CFitz Water Wheel Co.1927Book
New Water Turbine PlantsMoser, JEscher Wyss & Co, Zurich1927Article
Development of water power: A handbook for the preparation of preliminary schemesArmfield, Joseph J & Co Ltd1930Book
The romance of water-powerLewis, PaulSampson, Low, Marston & Co1931Book
Energy, Efficiency, EconomyRobert Craig Sons (Engineers) Ltd1931Brochure, leaflet or poster
Almost fifty years of progressRobert Craig Sons (Engineers) Ltd1931Brochure, leaflet or poster
Das Kraftwek"Bleilochsperre" - VDI-Z Bd 77 (25), seite 663J M Voith, Heidenheim1933Offprint/Journal Supplement
Development of Water PowerRobert Craig Sons (Engineers) Ltd1936Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1937Book
Water power equipment manufactured by Fitz Water Wheel Co. Hanover, Penna., USAFitz Water Wheel Co.1941Book
Water power equipment manufactured by Fitz Water Wheel CoFitz Water Wheel Co.1941Facsimile reprint
Water Power Equipment bulletin No 100Fitz Water Wheel Co.1941Book
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1947Book
On the development of water power by Gilkes - NovemberGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1949Book
Water power from WeissenburgOssberger-Turbinenfabrik1950Brochure, leaflet or poster
Gilkes, On the development of water powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1951Book
Water powerGreen, Noel D; Way, R BarnardWells Gardner Darton & Co1952Book
100 years of water powerGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1956Book
Gilkes, On the development of water power: Centenary edition 1856-1956Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1956Book
Observations on the history of water power - 19 AprilStowers, ArthurNewcomen Society1957Manuscript/Typescript
On the history of the exploitation of water power in Eretz-IsraelAvitsur, ShmuelAvshalom Institute for Homeland Studies1960Book
Warer turbines simply explainedWilson, Paul N LordGlasgow Electrical Engineering Co Ltd1960Book
'Water Turbines Simply Explained'Wilson, Paul N LordGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1960Book
Gilkes water motorsGilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd1961Brochure, leaflet or poster
Application of water-power to industry during the Middle AgesBlaine, BUniversity Microfilms1966Book
Waterdriven mills for grinding stone - vol 39 pp95-119Wailes, RexNewcomen Society1967Offprint/Journal Supplement
History of water power in UlsterGribbon, H DDavid & Charles1969Book