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Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the WorldMosse, KateMantle2022Book
From Fossil Fuels to Low Carbon Energy Transition: New Regulatory Trends in Latin AmericaNeira-Castro, Juan Felipe; Wood, GeoffreyPalgrave Macmillan2022Book
Off-Grid Solar Electrification in Africa: A Critical PerspectiveOjong, NathanaelPalgrave Macmillan2022Book
Indigenous Peoples and Climate Justice: A Critical Analysis of International Human Rights Law and GovernanceGiacomini, GiadaPalgrave Macmillan2022Book
With the windmillwrights in fen and marshHodge, Nathanael; Reid, DouglasThe Mills Archive Trust2022Book
Commons: Re-Enchanting the WorldCouch, Amanda; Morland, CatherineMuseum of English Rural Life2022Book
Worldwide Tide Mill Data Now Available On LineTide Mill Insitute2022Internet source
Berkshire Old and NewBrown, JonathanBerkshire Local History Association2022Journal
Victoria History of Hampshire: Dummer and Kempshott, Two Chalkland ParishesButler, Jennie; Lane, SueVictoria County History2022Book
Guide and history to Warwick Bridge Corn Mill, CumbriaBrooks, GrahamWarwick Bridge and District Local History Group2022Book
Discovering Essex wind and water millsEssex Industrial Archaeology Group2022Book
Building conservation directoryCathedral Communications2022Book
Professional archaeology: a guide for clientsChartered Institute for Archaeologists2022Book
Brief history of the lost mills of SandwichMiddleton, DonThe author2022Book
Climate BookThunberg, GretaPenguin2022Book
Restoration of Wicken Mill: millwrighting, milling, and historyPearce, D LThe Mills Archive Trust2022Book
Water and Steam Mills of Northamptonshire and the birth of a flourishing flour milling industryHowes, HughNorthamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Group2022Book
Regenesis; Feeding the world without devouring the planetMonbiot, GeorgeAllen Lane2022Book
Windmills of Central Europe and beyondBignell, BillSaron Publishers, Monmouthshire2022Book
Corn and flour milling in NewrySinclair, PeterThe Mills Archive Trust2022Book
Brief history of Ripple MillMiddleton, DonThe author2022Book
IHA Hydropower Status ReportInternational Hydropower Association2022-Digital
ICA Copyright DeclarationInternational Council on Archives2022-Digital
Is There a Residual and Hidden Potential for Small and Micro Hydropower in Europe? A Screening‑Level Regional AssessmentBódis, Katalin; Kasiulis, Egidijus; McNabola, Aonghus; Pistocchi, Alberto; Quaranta, EmanueleWater Resources Management202236: pp 1745–1762Book
Long shadows, harsh repercussions and a glimmer of hopeGilbert, RogerMilling & Grain 2022ApriDigital
Milling Hall of Fame. Jamal Al-Hazaa inducted into the Milling Hall of FameMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
How the world celebrates Flour. Power. Life.Milling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
Milling journals of the past. Molino Rio de la Plata Roller Mill (Simon System) A striking instance of rapid mill building in 1902Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. The mills of La ManchaHodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
Women in milling. The evolving role of women in the world’s oldest industryBartram, Elizabeth; Cookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
Grain silo safety. Why there needs to be a safe system of work for confined spacesMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
Enhancing the African rice marketMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
Bühler continues to balance economy, nature & humanityMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
Ukraine. “The question is not whether we are moving into a global food crisis - it's how large the crisis will be”Milling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
New crop trials promises a viable maize alternativeMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
An interview with Carsten Blum, Head of Marketing, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and founder of World Flour DayMilling & Grain 2022AprilDigital
Milling journals of the past. The Platt Flour MillsCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Digital-Preservation-for-Small-Businesses: an introductory guideDigital Preservation Coalition, TheArchives and Records Council Wales2022AugustDigital
Edible coffee cups. Addressing the urgent plastic waste problem with innovationMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Guttridge. When experience mattersMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Markets still raw with supply riskMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Working safely at height. How to avoid personal injury & financial loss when completing tasks that require leaving the groundMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Rice flour bread. The increasing popularity of rice flour as an alternative to wheat flour in JapanMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Risks & opportunities. Ukraine, Turkey, the UN & Russia sign deal to unblock Ukrainian Grain exportsMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. The Windmills of Long Island Part 2Hodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Egypt has been looking to other sources to satisfy its wheatMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Cereal conservation systems in the British Isles, prehistoric to modern times – a summaryBowie, Gavin G SThe author2022AugustDigital
Hornsea 2: North Sea wind farm claims title of world's largestFisher, JonahBBC News2022August 31Digital
Building in focus: The East Mill, DundeeIllsley, RogerSPAB2022Blog 28 AprilDigital
£1.5M crop research centre opens at University of WarwickMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital