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Dunlite wind generatorManuscript/Typescript
Dunlite Type BP (2KW) Blades2004Book
Darrieus rotating airfoil systemCopied document
Airolite wind turbine for electric light and powerBook
Free electricityCopied document
Free electricity: Wind Gen Construction WGC-1Manuscript/Typescript
Softec wind charger 300Copied document
Kilowatt wind powered energy source KWP-1Copied document
Homebrew wind generatorBartmann, Dan2001Copied document
300 Watt wooden windgenerator2002Copied document
Windcharger drawingsDe Groote, Carl JPlans and instructions
Rutland windcharger charge controllersBrochure, leaflet or poster
Hydroelectric Works at Castle Drogo, Devon. Archaeological Recording for the National Trust - FebruaryWatts, Martin2005Thesis/Report
AWEP3.6 Wind generator - SeptemberAbundant Renewable Energy, Oregon2004Book
Role of offshore Wind Farms in the decarbonisation of energy systems to tackle climate change - Article 4416Bhattacharya, Subhamoy; Fthenakis, Vasilis; Kammen, DanAcademia Letters2021Digital
Wind-motors for power-, drainage-, pumping- and electric-plantsAgricultural Machinery Co Ltd, CopenhagenCopied document
Water over the damUehling, EdwardAllis-Chalmers1954Offprint/Journal Supplement
Wind energy and wind turbinesNelson, VaughnAlternative Energy Institute, West Texas A&M University2000Book
Alternative Sources of EnergyAlternative Sources of Energy Inc1971Journal
Alternative Sources of Energy; Special Windpower Section - February (no 24)Alternative Sources of Energy Inc1977Journal
Tidal power station of the RanceAmbassade de FranceBook
Fundamentals of wind energyChereminisoff, Nicholas PAnn Arbor Science1978Book
Windgenerator rotor; construction plansAntiphon International, New Jersey1999Plans and instructions
WindGen1Arthurs EngineeringBook
Agricco Patent-Vind-MotorerAS Landbrugsmaskin-Kompagniet, CopenhagenCopied document
AutopowerDuncan, S WAutopwer, Chicago, USA1937Book
WindsaveB&QBrochure, leaflet or poster
DIY Windmills fr0m the BackshedBackshed2006Book
How to make electricity for your neighbours: The energy microgrid that started with scrap metal and an old bicycle.Gordon, DanielBBC News2021Internet source
Wind generated a record amount of electricity in 2022Rannard, GeorginaBBC News2023Website
Pioneering wind-powered cargo ship sets - August 21Singleton, TomBBC News2023Digital
River Kennet hydro power idea back on council's agenda - August 15Hinman, NikiBBC News2023Digital
Could the UK's tides help wean us off fossil fuels? - October 22Rowlatt, JustinBBC News2003Digital
Wasted wind power adds £40 tohousehold energy bills, says think tank - December 19Espiner, TomBBC News2003Digital
World's tallest wooden wind turbine starts turning - December 28Fisher, JonahBBC News2023Digital
When wind turbine blades get old what's next? - March 12Winrow, MichaelBBC News2024Digital
Hornsea 2: North Sea wind farm claims title of world's largest - August 31Fisher, JonahBBC News2022Digital
Wasser, Wehre und Turbinen: Alte Speicher-und LaufwasserkraftwerkeMattner, UlrichBeton-Verlag, Düsseldorf1990Book
Small scale wind turbine constructionBeyond InnovationBook
Southern Cross Engines: an illustrated history of Toowoomba Foundry's steam, internal combustion and windmill enginesLaurent, RobBlue Flyer Publishing2002Book
Common Sense Wind EnergyKahn, RobertBrick House Publishing Co Inc, SAndover, Massachusetts1983Book
Potentialities of wind power for electricity generation (with special reference to small-scale operations)Golding, E W; Stodhart, A HBritish Electrical and Allied Industries Research Association1949Book
Selection and characteristics of wind-power sitesGolding, E W; Stodhart, A HBritish Electrical and Allied Industries Research Association1952Book
For the perfect energy mix - just add water!British Hydropower Association2011Book
Turning things around BWEA 23 - October 16-18British Wind Energy Association2001Symposium Transactions
Deep Green Power BWEA 24 - October 2-4British Wind Energy Association2002Symposium Transactions
Wind Connections BWEA 25 - October 28-30 British Wind Energy Association2003Symposium Transactions
Possibility of converting unmanned former wind-pumps to produce electricity with computer control: a feasibility studyClayton, Keith; Scott, Martin; Thomson, Murray; Watson, SimonBroads and Rivers LEADER +2005Book
Homebrew wind power: A hands-on guide to harnessing the windBartmann, Dan; Fink, Dan; Sagrillo, MickBuckville Publications LLC2009Book