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History of the Arkemheen polder and the task and operation of the Hertog Reijnout steam pumping station and its successorSchipper, A J2005Book
Cascade and the Bramah wheelHowes, Lesley; Ward, Jane1986Book
La cultura de L'Aigua a Elx a través del tempsBook
Petit guide des éoliennes multipales. région Languedoc- Roussillon.Agence Méditerranéenne de l’Environnement2002Book
Wind-motors for power-, drainage-, pumping- and electric-plantsAgricultural Machinery Co Ltd, CopenhagenCopied document
Water: its origin and useColes-Finch, WilliamAlston Rivers1908Book
Lady Isabella waterwheel of the Great Laxey Mining Company, Isle of Man 1854-1954: a chapter in the history of early British engineeringJespersen, AndersAnders Jespersen1954Book
Charles Dickens' wellCaiger, J E L; Harrison, A CArchaeologia Cantiana1971Offprint/Journal Supplement
Pumphouse on Cobham Hall estateCaiger, J E LArchaeologia Cantiana1969Offprint/Journal Supplement
Small water supplies: being a practical treatise on the methods of collecting, storing and conveying water for domestic use in large country mansions, estates and small villages and farmsTaylor, F NoelBatsford1912Book
Water pumping windmill bookHirshberg, GaryBrick House1982Book
L'Eolienne Bollee: a short illustrated historyWalter, JohnBritish Engineerium2002Book
L'Eolienne Bollee: gazetteer of sites in France and elsewhereWalter, JohnBritish Engineerium2002Book
What future for Broadland? Strategy & management plan: draft for consultationClark, M AitkenBroads Authority1982Offprint/Journal Supplement
Steam in the FensHinde, K S GCambridge Society for Industrial Archaeology1974Book
Changing FenlandDarby, H CCambridge University Press1983Book
Science and Civilisation in China Vol IV (2) Mechanical EngineeringNeedham, JosephCambridge University Press1965Book
Draining of the FensDarby, H CCambridge University Press1968Book
Draining of the FensDarby, H CCambridge University Press1940Book
Castleton pumping station, Sherborne: a historyPountain, RonCastleton Waterwheel Restoration Society2001Book
Coultershaw beam pumpCoultershaw Trust2012Book
Cromford Canal and Leawood PumpCromford Canal SocietyBook
Windpumps for irrigationGoedhart, P D; van Dijk, H JCWD (now TOOL), Amsterdam1990Book
Construction manual for a Cretan windmillvan de Ven, NCWD: Consultancy Services Wind Energy Developing Countries1977Book
Aspects of irrigation with windmillsVilsteren, A VCWD: Consultancy Services Wind Energy Developing Countries1981Book
Great level: a history of drainage and land reclamation in the FensSummers, DorothyDavid & Charles1976Book
Sails in the wind; Windmill area Kinderdijk, picture of a global heritageFijnekam, Leen; Knol, Nico; Vlot, RitaDe Stroombaan, Papendrecht1999Book
Hellend scheprad: geschiedenis en bouwSipman, AntonDe Walburg Pers1977Book
Life to the city: aspects of Exeter's historyMinchinton, WalterDevon Books1987Book
Los sistemas de regadío en La Costera: paisaje y patrimonioHermosillo Pla, JorgeDireccio General de Patrimoni Artistic - Conselleria de Cultura i Educacio2003Book
Of dikes and windmillsSpier, PeterDoubleday & Co1969Book
Rural Water SupplyHett, Chrles LE & F N Spon1888Book
Windmills and pumps of the southwestAllen, Bill; Hays, DickEakin Press1983Book
Becks, banks, drains and brains: the drainage history of the River Hull ValleyHarris, Joy; Reid, Ian; Walker, ColinEast Riding of Yorkshire Council and The Hull Valley Drainage Heritage Group2013Book
Draining of the Hull ValleySheppard, June AEast Yorkshire Local History Society1958Book
Urgent hour: a history of the drainage of the Burnt Fen districtBeckett, JohnEly Local History Publications Board1974Book
Stenen Poldermolens in Rijnland: Bijdrage tot de kennis van de windwatermolens in het hoogheemraadschap van RijnlandCaarten, A BickerEuropese Bibliotheek1981Book
Symposium uber der Historie der Wasserforderung Berlin 1985Glaser, FritzFrontinus Gessellschaft1985Book
Pumps and pumping: a practical manual on the operation, installation, and maintenance of reciprocating, centrifugal, and rotary pumpsMolloy, EGeorge Newnes Ltd1941Book
Series M self-priming marine pumps. leaflet GGG109Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon LtdBrochure, leaflet or poster
Machines, mills and uncountable costly necessities: a short history of the drainage of the fensHills, Richard LGoose & Son1967Book
Sobre el timpano y la bomba de CtesibioBaroja, Julio CaroGuimaraes1955Offprint/Journal Supplement
Sobre ciguenales y otros ingenios para elevar aquaBaroja, Julio CaroGuimaraes1955Offprint/Journal Supplement
Land drainage pumpsGwynnes Pumps Ltd1943Book
Research inspired by the Dutch windmillsH Veenman en ZonenBook
Practical guide for the water supply of towns, estates, villages, houses &c.: for the use of architects, estate agents, district surveyors and property ownersHayward-Tyler & Co1921Book
Aire and Calder Navigation Act 914HMSO1914Legal document
Building a domestic windpumpBarr, James H (Jim)HubEditions, Bedfordshire1994Book
Windpumps in South Africa: wherever you go you see them, whenever you see them they goPretorius, André; Walton, JamesHuman and Rousseau1998Book
River Lea Navigation improvementsHoworth, BenInstitution of Civil Engineers1932Offprint/Journal Supplement