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Water and energy resources of the Himalayan block (Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and India)Sharma, Chandra KMrs. Sangeeta SharmaBook
Teacher's guide to water power projectsCentre for Alternative TechnologyEducation pack
Little Giant double turbine water wheels and Pelton wheelsS. Howes Co.Book
Backus water motorBackus Water Motor Co.Book
Water power (with 6 diagrams)Anon, Rural Industries BureauBook
Water MotorsBarry, Henry & Co LtdBook
Illustrated Catalogue of TurbinesArmfield, Joseph J & Co LtdUnbound documents
Water PowerJohn Birch & Co LtdBook
Alcott's Improved Turbine Water WheelTC Alcott & Son Mount Holl, NJBrochure, leaflet or poster
Advertising cardFitz Water Wheel Co.Brochure, leaflet or poster
Water-power equipment: Fitz-Hanover turbinesFitz Water Wheel Co.Book
Turbines and Pelton WheelsW Gunther & Sons, OldhamBook
Brief catalogue of Improved Water MotorsJohn Hetherington & Sons LdtCopied document
Expériences sur la roues hydrauliques a axe vertical: et sur l'ecoulement de l'eau dans les coursiers et dans les buses de forme pyramidalePiobert, G; Tardy, A LLibrairie scientifique-industrielle de L. Mathias1840Book
Rudimentary treatise on the power of water as applied to drive flour mills and to give motion to turbines and other hydrostatic enginesGlynn, JosephJohn Weale1853Copied document
Principles of construction and efficiency of water-wheelsDonaldson, WilliamE & F N Spon1876Book
Improved "Eureka" Turbine Water WheelBarber & Son, Allentown, PA1879Book
Poole & Hunt's Leffel Double Turbine Water WheelC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1882Book
Recent Marked Improvements to the Colllins-Jonval TurbineJ P Collins & Co. Norwich, Conn1885Book
Description, Tables, Prices &c of the 'New American Turbine - approximatelyWm R Dell & Son1886Book
King of Turbines - approximatelyC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1886Book
Horizontal Perfection - approximatelyC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1888Brochure, leaflet or poster
Cadle & Ridgway Double Perfection Turbine Water WheelC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1888Brochure, leaflet or poster
Cadle & Ridgway Double Perfection Turbine Water Wheel - approximatelyC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1888Book
Catalogue of "New American" Turbine and Fruen water wheel governorWm R Dell & Son1888Book
Balanced Gate turbineChristiana Machine Co, PA1889Book
Empress Turbine Water WheelsH Kennedy & Son, Coleraine, Londonderry1890Book
Catalogue and price list for Empress turbineH Kennedy & Son, Coleraine, Londonderry1890Book
Cadle Duplex Jet Water Wheel - approximatelyC Cadle Engineer, Dublin1891Book
Catalogue of the 'New American' turbineWm R Dell & Son1893Book
Cadiot 'Petits Moteurs et Dynamos "Bebe"' - approximatelyE H Cadiot et Cie1894Book
Catalogue of Patent 'Daw' Rock Drills... Pelton wheels and trubinesA & Z Daw, London1894Book
Holyoke Machine Company catalogueHolyoke Machine Company1895Book
Perfect American Hurdy-GurdyAmerican Impulse Wheel Co1897Book
Grundriss der Turbinen TheorieBrauer, Ernst AVerlag von S Hirzel1899Book
Hydraulic power engineeringMarks, G CroydonCrosby Lockwood and Son1900Book
Water or hydraulic motorsBjorling, Philip RE & F N Spon1903Book
Catalogue of clutches, turbines, governors, steam engines and sausage filling machinesN J H King & Co, Nailsworth, Glos1903Book
Hydraulic power and hydrolyic machineryRobinson, HenryCharles Griffin1904Book
British Empire turbineArmfield, Joseph J & Co Ltd1905Unbound documents
British Empire TurbineArmfield, Joseph J & Co Ltd1905Unbound documents
Waterwheels: Parts 1 and 2Staff, I C SInternational Textbook Company1907Facsimile reprint
Modern Turbine Practise and Water-Power PlantsThurso, John WolfArchibald Constable & Co1907Book
How to use water powerChatley, HerbertTechnical Publishing Co1907Book
Water power engineering: the theory, investigation and development of water powerMead, Daniel WMcGraw-Hill1908Book
New American Turbines. Catalogue R - 1 JanuaryDayton Globe, Ohio1909Book
Water turbine plant: a short practical treatiseOrten-Boving, JensRaithby, Lawrence & Co Ltd1910Book
Water Power Catalogue EJames Gordon & Co1912Book
Catalogue of turbines, pelton wheels and other water motorsCarrick & Ritchie Ltd1913Unbound documents
'Water TurbinesArmfield, Joseph J & Co Ltd1920Brochure, leaflet or poster