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De re metallica: translated from the first Latin edition of 1556Agricola, Georgius; Hoover, Herbert Clark; Hoover, Lou HenryDover Publications1950Book
Diderot pictorial encyclopedia of trades and industry: volume 1Diderot, DenisDover Publications1959Facsimile reprint
Diderot pictorial encyclopedia of trades and industry: Volume 2Diderot, DenisDover Publications1959Facsimile reprint
K-J process for estimating the strength of flour: ten-minute test for flour strengthSimon, HenryDover Publications1924Book
Papermaking: the history and technique of an ancient craftHunter, DardDover Publications1978Book
The various and ingenious machines of Agostino Ramelli: A classic Sixteenth-Century illustrated treatise on technologyFerguson, Eugene S; Gnudi, Martha TeachDover Publications1987Book
Vitruvius: the ten books on architectureMorgan, Morris Hicky; Vitruvius Pollio, MarcusDover Publications1960Book