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Building in focus: The East Mill, Dundee - Blog 28 AprilIllsley, RogerSPAB2022Digital
Consolidated glossary of British mill termsYoward, TonySPAB1996Book
Consolidated glossary of British mill termsYoward, TonySPAB1999Book
Consolidated glossary of British mill termsYoward, TonySPAB2001Book
Consolidated glossary of British mill termsYoward, TonySPAB2007Book
Contribution of the windmill to the industrial revolutionGregory, RoySPAB2002Book
Engineers of mills in the later middle agesLangdon, JohnSPAB2007Book
Fulling mills: a study in the application of water power to the woollen industryPelham, R ASPAB1958Book
Guidelines to health and safety in windmills and watermills including food hygieneSPAB2009Book
Guidelines to safety in wind and watermillsSPAB1980Book
Gunpowder mills gazetteerCrocker, GlenysSPAB1988Book
Historic buidling controls and grantsSlocombe, MatthewSPAB2002Book
In praise of windmillsSPAB1935Book
Lee's patent windmill 1744-1747: a history of the development of the windmill fantailBuckland, J S P; Watts, MartinSPAB1987Book
Medieval windmills in south-western EnglandBond, C JSPAB1995Book
Mill News 1981-1992SPABJournal
Mill News 1993-1999SPABJournal
Mill News 2000-2005SPABJournal
Mill News 2006-January 2012SPABJournal
Mill News April 2012-April 2015SPABJournal
Mill News July 2015-April 2018SPABJournal
Mill News July 2018 - 2021SPABJournal
Mill News Oct 2021 -SPABJournal
Milling and millwrightingWatts, MartinSPAB2004Article
Mills of the Muslim worldHarverson, MichaelSPAB2000Book
Mills OpenSPAB1991Book
Mills OpenWest, Jenny; Woodward-Nutt, JamesSPAB1997Book
Mills OpenWoodward-Nutt, JamesSPAB2000Book
Mills OpenWoodward-Nutt, JamesSPAB2004Book
Mills OpenWoodward-Nutt, JamesSPAB2007Book
Molinological conference: wind and water mills, millwrighting and millingField, MichaelSPAB1979Book
Monastic watermills: a study of the mills within English monastic precinctsLuckhurst, DavidSPAB1964Book
Needle mills: a study of the watermills serving the industryRollins, John GSPAB1970Book
Perfect pitch: the millwright's goal; an aid in the interpretation and dating of the working parts of watermills and windmillsStoyel, AlanSPAB1996Book
Power and glory of waterwheels: steps along the road to better performanceHawksley, G JSPAB2008Book
Principles and practice in watermill repairSPAB2005Book
Rex Wailes: an appreciation of his workMajor, J KennethSPAB1992Book
Rise of the white loaf: evidence from the north of England concerning developments in milling milling technique in the 18th centuryHarrison, John KSPAB2005Book
Stone ground flour by natural power: Where can I find it?Hudson, SimonSPAB2006Book
Tide mills part 1Wailes, RexSPABBook
Tide mills part 2Wailes, RexSPABBook
Tide mills part 3: The Three Mills, Bromley by BowGardner, E MSPAB1957Book
Turn, turn, turn: 75 years of saving millsCookson, Mildred M; Hudson, Simon; Hughes, Gareth; Pearce, D L; Watts, MartinSPAB2006Offprint/Journal Supplement
Use of millwrighting techniques as a guide to dating windmills and watermillsWatts, MartinSPAB1994Book
Water paper mills in EnglandShorter, Alfred HSPAB1966Book
Watermills and the landscapeReid, Kenneth CSPAB1958Book
Watermills with horizontal wheelsWilson, Paul N LordSPAB1960Book
Watermills: an introductionWilson, Paul N LordSPAB1956Book
Watermills: an introductionWilson, Paul N LordSPAB1973Book
Watermills: an introductionWilson, Paul N LordSPAB1985Book