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Animal-powered enginesMajor, J KennethBatsford1978Book
Animal-powered machinesMajor, J KennethShire1985Book
Animal-powered machinesMajor, J KennethShire2008Book
Berkshire foundryMajor, J Kenneth1970Book
Between windmills and wind generators: The windmills of E Lancaster Burne - pp 185-197Major, J KennethTIMS2008Article
Drying KilnsJones, David H; Major, J KennethTIMS1973Article
Eolienne BolleeGaucheron, Andre; Major, J KennethTIMS1985Book
Fieldwork in industrial archaeologyMajor, J KennethBatsford1975Book
Finch Brothers' foundry Sticklepath, Okehampton, DevonMajor, J KennethDavid & Charles1972Book
Finch Brothers' foundry: Sticklepath, Okehampton, DevonMajor, J KennethDavid & Charles1969Book
GB-62/001 Woodbridge tide millMajor, J KennethJespersen1961Book
Heron corn millMajor, J KennethTrail PublishingBook
Horse engine in the 19th century - vol 60 pp31-48Major, J KennethNewcomen Society1989Article
Mills of the Isle of WightMajor, J KennethCharles Skilton1970Book
Rex Wailes: an appreciation of his workMajor, J KennethSPAB1992Book
Robert Stone, miller of PangbourneMajor, J KennethTIMS1980Book
The techniques of industrial archaeologyMajor, J Kenneth; Pannell, J P MDavid & Charles1974Book
Victorian and Edwardian windmills and watermills from old photographsMajor, J Kenneth; Watts, MartinBatsford1983Book
Wanted! WaterwheelsMajor, J KennethIndustrial ArchaeologyOffprint/Journal Supplement
Water raising by animal powerBrunner, Hugo; Major, J KennethThe author1972Book
Wind mill indexBryan, Anthony A (Tony); Lane, John; Major, J Kenneth; Ogden, Derek; Sidebothom, A G; Tomsett, Peter; Turner, Laurence; White, H TBook
Windmill index: England and WalesBryan, Anthony A (Tony); Lane, M I; Major, J Kenneth; Ogden, Derek; Sidebothom, A G; Tomsett, Peter; Turner, Laurence; White, H TBook
Windmills of John Wallis TittMajor, J KennethTIMS1977Book