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TitleLocationCountyCountryPower sourceTypeFunctionRiver
Beaumont's Mill, Ludham BridgeLudham Bridge, LudhamNorfolkEnglandWindTower millDrainage millAnt
Boardman's Mill, LudhamLudhamNorfolkEnglandWindSkeleton millDrainage millAnt
Brown's Hill Mill, IrsteadIrsteadNorfolkEnglandWindTower millDrainage millAnt
Clayrack Mill, LudhamLudhamNorfolkEnglandWindHollow-post millDrainage millAnt
Drainage mill, Ludham BridgeLudham Bridge, LudhamNorfolkEnglandWindSkeleton millDrainage millAnt
Drainage mill, Wayford BridgeWayford BridgeNorfolkEnglandWindSkeleton millDrainage millAnt
North Mill, Ludham BridgeLudham BridgeNorfolkEnglandWindTower millDrainage millAnt