Windmolens: Een overzicht van de verschillende molensoorten en hun werkwijze


Hard cover with dust jacket, 144pp., with b/w photographs, drawings and diagrams. Dutch (main text).

English title: Wind mills: a survey of the different types of mill and their operations.

Oil presses, describes the history and operation of this type of mill.

Paper mills, illustrated with diagrams.

Grain mills, their history and operation, with diagrams.

Sawmills, illustrated with detailed diagrams.

Hulling mills, their history and illustrated workings.

Dyeing mills, with diagram illustrations.

Water-mills, their history, operations and importance in drainage.

Fulling mills, with subsidiary chapters on Hemp mills, Snuff mills, Mustard mills, Chocolate mills, Tanneries, Trass mills, Shellfish sand mills, Blueing mills, Grinding mills and Marble-grinders.

Trade associations, millwrights. and other specialized occupations associated with milling.



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  • Author(s): Husslage. G
  • Publisher: Uitgeverij Keesing
  • Publication year: 1968