Windmills & watermills. Photographic memories


Card cover, 120pp., profusely illustrated with b/w photographs of watermills and windmills.

The use of wind and waterpower began when technical knowledge and construction skills had advanced sufficiently to achieve success. Wind and power resources are distributed throughout Britain; the need to exploit them grew as the population numbers and density increased. This collection of archive photographs from The Francis Frith Collection shows a selection of views of windmills and watermills all around Britain in the past, seen here in all their glory when they were a vital source of power for their local areas. Many of the mills shown in this book no longer survive, having fallen victim to fires, deterioration, or demolition as they were superseded by modern forms of power, so this book is a valuable record of these magnificent buildings that were once so common in our landscape.

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  • Author(s): Bryan, Anthony
  • Publisher: Frith Book Company ltd.
  • Publication year: 2004