Windmills of Lincolnshire: surviving into the 21st century


Glossy soft cover. 1st Edition. Large A4 oblong book. 176pp., with numerous colour and b/w photographs throughout.

Windmills first appeared in England in the twelfth century in the form of post-mills where the whole structure was built on an enormous vertical timber post around which it rotated. Post-mills were superseded by smock-mills and ultimately by tower-mills that represented the height of technology and engineering of their time and were ubiquitous in the landscape of eastern England until well into the twentieth century. By then, new methods of milling and new power sources had been developed and the windmill towers, once crucial to our agricultural economy, gradually became redundant.  Of the 500 that it is estimated once stood in this county, there are now eleven that are restored to working order and 123 of which some part survives. This book examines their remains.

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