Wind and windspinners


As new, A4 card covers, 140pp A guide to wind energy sources and generating electricity.

Chapter headings list: 1. Wind Energy. Sections include: Equity/ Rent concept of energy, Energy in general, Efficiency in general, percentage efficiency, wind energy in the wind, increasing usable energy etc.

  1. Generating electricity. Sections Include: Electricity generating theory, electricity-generating unit, voltage regulation, finding an alternator, transmission, mounting the drive units, hooking up the alternator.
  2. Batteries. Section includes: Fundamental principles, capacity, discharging/ charging the batteries, test equipment, testing lead-acid batteries.
  3. Control. Section includes: Aeroturbine control, battery storage control, alternator control, control functions, voltage/ current regulation, increasing power capability etc.
  4. Using electricity.
  5. The S-Rotor Aeroturbine
  6. Data Sheet 1. Section includes: Wind power equation derivation, air density, estimating wind speed, usable average energy. Data Sheet 2: Battery record sheet. Data Sheet 3: Bibliography, sources, references.

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  • Author(s): Hackleman, Michael
  • Publisher: Earthmind/ Peace Press
  • Publication year: 1974
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