Victorian and Edwardian windmills and watermills from old photographs


Hard cover, with dust jacket,  96pp., with 137 b/w photographs.

A remarkable selection of photographs which begins with Bayard’s photograph of Montmartre in 1842 and continues to the end of the Edwardian period. In addition to representing every variety if windmill and watermill, the authors have selected examples of mills in mining and industry, of wind engines, and of wind machinery. There is also an evocative section on millers and millwrights, and another on mill disasters and demolitions. It will be seen from the photographs that local windmills and watermills played a significant part in the village economy, the mill itself providing a natural meeting place for farmers. For the benefit of the uninitiated who don’t know the difference between a lucam and a launder, nor even between a breast-shot wheel and pitch-back wheel, the authors have added a glossary, as poetic as its is informative.

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  • Author(s): Major, J Kenneth; Watts, Martin
  • Publication year: 1977