The Halvergate Fleet: past & present


Soft cover, 80pp., with numerous b/w photographs and a map based on the Ordnance Survey Map of 1913 with mills and buildings mentioned in the text and on the Fleet highlighted.

Steam Mill, Kerry’s Mill, Carter’s Mill, Wes Tooley, Billy Lacey 1, Mutton’s Mill, Butterfly Mill, High’s Mill, Bertie High, Howard’s Mill, Billy Lacey 2, Ben Howard, Goffin’s Mill, Fred Hewitt, Breydon Pump, Lackgate Mill, Percy Hewitt, Brian Grint, John Willimott.

Contains information of seven wind pumps and one steam pump on the Halvergate Fleet.


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  • Author(s): Hutchinson, Sheila
  • Publisher: Sheila & Paul Hutchinson
  • Publication year: 2001