Mills are infinitely various, but all have beautiful aspects: the ingenious machinery, the wood worn smooth by the abrasion of flour, the cogs neatly meshing in wooden hear wheels.

The Mill, with its 99 colour and 178 black/white illustrations, is the first extensive compendium of facts and illustrations on the subject. Mills of every type are covered – including gristmills, textile mills, sawmills, gunpowder mills – and in so doing, the book recreates the life and history of North America from the earliest settlements through the Industrial Revolution.

Hardback with card cover. Illustrations by Helen Fox. 224pp, very heavy book. Some wear and tear on the cover, but otherwise excellent condition.

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  • Author(s): Brooks, Bill; Fox, William; Tyrwhitt, Janice
  • Publisher: New York Graphic Society
  • Publication year: 1976
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