Guide des moulins en France


French (main text). English title: Guide to mills in France, 2nd edition.

Card cover guide book, 258pp., with colour and b/w photographs and sketches.

A guide to mills across France, including windmills, watermills, museums etc.  A brief general history of mills, from their primitive origins in grain cultivation, millstones to advances in the Middle Ages, improvements in mill construction and other technological developments continuing into the twentieth century. Key themes include products such as cereals, textiles, paper, cider, oil and historical events such as the French Revolution. Sections on individual types of mills, including the history of watermills and their introduction in France before windmills. Information on specific and often unique characteristics of mill, such as the Moulin Pendant, an adjustment made to some waterwheels. The history of windmills in France, giving information on the various types of windmills, their structure, mechanism, alterations and location of each mill. Historical developments of the production of various products and energy sources.


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