Brill Windmill


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A fabulous photographic book about an ancient English windmill, its restoration, and its place in the heart of a village community
Brill Windmill is a beautiful 17th century post mill standing at the top of a grassy hill. It is a beacon for community events in Brill, a lovely English village that has been my home for the last 25 years. I’ve amassed a great collection of photos, especially of its restoration a few years ago. This book is the culmination of years of heading out to capture the Windmill when the light is special or for village events that inevitably include it.
Throughout the book you’ll find a mixture of full bleed, double page spread photos of the Windmill, as well as numerous pages of detail shots. The restoration process meant I could photograph angles and views that have never been captured before. You can compare the Windmill before and after restoration. The restorers’ plan was to get the Windmill back to the specification last seen in archival photos taken when the Windmill last worked back in the early 20th century. Over intervening years, it had decayed and by the 1940s lost some of its original features. Rescued in the 1960s, it needed major work by the millennium. The 2008-2009 rebuild put most features back, but without sacrificing the historic timbers. I’ve zoomed in on the ancient wood, showing the weather and work beaten patina. You’ll see photos of the stripped down Windmill, where strengthening steel girders have been installed, before the cladding was re-instated. There are photos of the dismantled mechanism, and the reconstruction of the roundhouse.

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  • Author(s): Andrew, Tim
  • Publisher: Tim Andrew
  • Publication year: 2017
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