Bridge Hall mills: three centuries of paper and cellulose film manufacture


Hard cover, with dust jacket, 220 pp., 25cm x 19cm. Heavy book, with many b/w photograps, drawings and maps.

Detailed History of existence of the Transparent Paper. It was already well known that Transparent Paper had been something of pioneer enterprise in the manufacture of transparent cellulose film and that it had, in the early days, failed and been re-floated: but it was not then realised for what a length of time Bridge Hall Mills had occupied such a prominent place in the trade of paper making in Lancashire.

Two centuries of paper production at Bridge Hall Mills, up to the period of expansion and diversified growth in the 19th century and the period of transition after the First World War. Transparent paper Ltd.’s first 50 years – with their technical developments, crises, survival and recovery – are recorded with admirable objectivity by the author. He has marshalled his carefully researched material to produce a most balanced and readable account that succeeds in being much more than just a ‘company history’ : Bridge Hall Mills is a fascinating contribution to industrial, economic and social history.

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