Potters Corner Mill, Hothfield

A water-powered corn mill in the historic county of Kent, England.

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1839 Henry Tappenden

1870 Edwin Norrington

1882 William Weatherly

1887 George Sharp

1907 Edward Sharp

1911 Stephen Norton

1915 Charles Norton

From Coles-Finch, 1933:- “Hothfield Mill is derelict and will never work again. I gleaned it was the oldest mill on the stream, nearly a thousand years old.” From Simmons Collection:- “Mill is used as a tea room” (PD, 1939). “Retains machinery, and Dennes work a Miracle Mill inside by power” (HRH, 1950). “The mill at Hothfield is often known as Potters Corner Mill and is still in good condition, although the wheel is rusting away.” (Alan Stoyel, 1964). From Jarvis, 1983 :- “This is still a busy mill but not water-powered and not grinding. Some interesting seed dressing equipment is present and is electrically driven. The skeleton of an iron overshot wheel showed it to have been powerful, but the present water flow is low, probably due to abstraction. It turned a pit wheel, which, complete with its iron wallower and what, for lack of a better word I will call a crown wheel, is all in a rectangular pit below ground level. The upright shaft once turned four pairs of stones, but only the spur wheel is left on its iron shaft under the hurst frame. The ‘crown wheel’ appears to have driven two layshafts below ground floor level in trenches for auxiliary power distribution.” Brief site visit, August, 2007:- (Rob Cumming) “It was converted into offices for a haulage company, c.1990. Building is in fine condition. The cog pit gearing has probably been retained, and the wheel is still outside, although just a frame.”

Full details

Alternative names Denne's Mill, Hothfield Mill
Power source Water
Mill type Watermill
River Tributary to Great Stour
Mill function Corn mill
Archive ID 7138
Location Hothfield, Ashford
Historic county Kent
Country England, United Kingdom
NGR TQ 989 450
Latitude/longitude 51.16872341, 0.83899748



  • Image from Rob Cumming, August 2007
  • The mill wheel. Image from Rob Cumming, August 2007


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  • Ordnance Survey 25 inch map (1871-2)


Rob Cumming, May 2016


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