Saarelainen Farm Mill, Kaulainperä

A wind-powered mill in Finland.

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This mill was built in 1826; but, as there is also a nicely carved 1849 on the post, it was probably moved to its present site in the latter year. It is a small vertically boarded mill with a petticoat that comes right down within 3 ft. of the ground and reaches 4 ft. 6 in. below the bottom floor of the mill. There are double quarterboard and crosstrees, but the sub-structure is not built up. The vertical boarding inside is thick and the joints outside are covered not with narrow boarding, but with boarding equally wide but thinner. The whole mill is painted red. The framing is not braced but there are knees at all corners and there is a spiral stair in the right-hand corner of the first floor. The sails are anti-clockwise, tapered, with four bays permanently boarded and the outer two removable. They are 5 ft. wide at the tip, equal on both sides; the stock is 4 in. square at the tip. The estimated span is 36 ft. The octagonal windshaft with homelet iron strips on the neck journal carries a compass-arm headwheel with forty cogs, 4 1/2 in. face and 2 1.2 in. deep, driving a lantern pinion with eight staves. This drives a single pair of granite stones with a pot and pintle bearing for the stone spindle. The stones are mounted on a heavy woodn plinth and there is a wooden twist peg and ratchet on the crossbeam holding the upper bearing of the lantern pinion. The vat is octagonal and the meal spout has one hook on the front and one on the side. The hopper is elongated with a horse supported at the back on the framing itself. On the left-hand side on the rear part of the mill is a separate sack stand.

Full details

Power source Wind
Mill type Post mill
Mill function
Archive ID 11904
Location Kaulainperä, Pöytyä, Satakunta
Country Finland


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