Orivesi Mill, Orivesi

A wind-powered corn mill in Finland.

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Mill with single-sided cloth-spread common sails.

This is a Museum Mill, dated 1845, moved from Mattila Farm, Päilahti village. It is of the Häme type and the sails have narrow leading boards. The framing of the tower, which is levelled up on the rocks, has inverted V diagonals at each quarter and has been largely renowned with halved barked tree trunks. The beams, however, are original and adzed up. On the ground floor, which is full of museum junk, are four supporting hand-sawn columns, octagonal with ornamental chamfers. There is a shot curb with wooden rollers, 4 in. diameter by 8 in. long, spaced at 14 in. centres in a wooden ring with no trace of grease on curb or rollers. The wooden windshaft is in two pieces longitudinally each in halves with a scarf joint in front of the centre beam. It has a very small stone neck-bearing and the iron strips of the neck journal are homelet. The clasp arm brake wheel is behind the centre beam with a wooden brake and a Spanish windlass to operate it. The wheel is very roughly braced to the windshaft from behind; it has round shank cogs and drives a lantern wallower. The upright shaft has a pot and pintle thrust bearing with adjustment at the centre beam.

The clasp arm great spur wheel, braced to the upright shaft from below, has spur cogs with rectangular shanks held by wooden pins. A single lantern stone-nut remains on a wood-cased quant, the upper part of which extends through the hurst floor and is disengaged by the removal of a wedge in an open mortise in a horizontal beam; the drive ratio is 48 : 24 and 52 : 16. One pair of stones has been removed but there remains a single pair on a hurst, heavily framed and carrying a wooden meal spout with two sack hooks on it. The rear of the horse is supported on the hurst with four steps up to hurst level; above that a small landing and seven steps at right angles up to the first floor. It was impossible to photograph it complete owing to piled-up museum junk, and no dimensions could be taken due to lack of time.

Full details

Power source Wind
Mill type Smock mill
Mill function Corn mill
Archive ID 11828
Location Orivesi, Häme
Country Finland
Latitude/longitude 61.68245500, 24.35377000



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